Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today Lyla had her first nail polish. Aunt "B" watches Lyla on Wednesdays while Cole and I go to Kindermusik.  When I returned to pick her up she had some pretty toesies!

I love it! I probably would have painted them even before now but Cole has a fascination with polishes in the grocery store so I've avoided him seeing them like the plague at home. 

Cole has showed so many signs of being ready to potty train for awhile now. It has been me that has lagged behind. I just thought the entire process was going to be challenging and messy.  But in hearing other moms talk about their experiences over the past couple of weeks, I realized it may not be so bad.  So we picked up plenty of pairs of underwear at the store yesterday. I didn't wake up this morning thinking this was the day, but somehow I asked him if he wanted to wear his "Superwhy" underwear after I took his bedtime diaper off and he was thrilled.  We made it through music class without any problems. We had a little accident at my aunt's house but I was expecting it.  On the way to her house from class I told him we would go when we got to Aunt "B's"  and he said "NooooPE!" Meaning, this is a foreign toilet, no thanks.

The biggest shock was when he actually went poo on the potty!  Whoa! I expected some big tadoo but he said he needed to go so we went. He sat there and I asked him if he wanted mom to sing some songs. He said yes. We sang "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window" and "Elmo's Song".  Then Lyla joined us and I asked him if he would rather we leave. He said, "Yes, Mom, Lyla, leave."  After a few minutes and talking through doors (and peeking through the door...sorry I just couldn't resist as he was being such a darling and so modest...he is going to kill me later, right?)

He said he was done and he was! YEA!!!!  We did have another tiny accident later but he managed to stop and come get me (I was upstairs with Lyla) to go potty and finish.   Oh I am so relieved! This doesn't feel like work at all!  Cross your fingers this keeps up and we will be down to nighttime diapers only!  (Oh yea, I put a diaper on him for his nap but it was dry after the nap. Yeehaw!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This week has been jam packed full of fun.  Grandma and Grandpa Poling came on Sunday and stayed until Thursday evening. Cole had been looking forward to their visit and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  They took him to his favorite places...twice...and spoiled him rotten (trucks, airplanes, fire engines, oh my!)  I don't think it took even a half hour before Lyla was squeezing both of their necks like she had known them all her life.  Even Aunt Ashley made a trip up to see the kids.  I wish we had more time with her but we loved what we got!  Each day was full of so much play I think everyone was worn out by the time evening came.  Now that things have quieted down here I suddenly feel like my little toddler turned into a little boy all while they were here.  He just seems to act older. He even smiled on cue.  

Grandma Poling taught Cole how to play "Hide & Seek". Believe it or not, Cole seems to prefer seeking because even when it is his turn to hide he starts counting and jumps out at "10".  Here are some fun clips of him playing.

Lyla has incredible verbal skills for a one year old in my opinion.  She signs and speaks "ball" (baw baw), "bubbles" (buhhls), and "outside" (oust or outs).  She signs "milk", "eat" and "drink".  She can also say "da da" (and knows it's Dad but sometimes uses it for Grandpa too).  We have heard her repeat after us on a couple occasions "toy" and "book" too.  Wow.  She is very good at copying sounds her daddy makes and tries to make the animal and tractor noises in a farm book we read together.  She even mimics the vampire laugh in a Halloween book we have - I actually think it's sort of a creepy book but both of our kids have LOVED this book year round.  I know I've got to get her "speaking" on video or no one is going to believe me.  I guess we'll start with her vampire laugh.

Love my dumplings!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

On our afternoon walk today, Cole decided to explore the piles of dirt nearby our house where they are preparing to make new roads and build homes.  When the workers are not there I will let him touch the "feet" of the tractors if they are easily and safely reachable. Well, today he wanted to touch one that was over a rough terrain so I didn't want to take the stroller there but it was still close to me.  Cole decided to walk there by himself.  I warned him that if he wasn't careful he would fall and maybe get hurt.  He made it there safely but got really excited on the way back to the stroller and yes, tripped.  He got up, dusted his knees off and looked at me and said, "Told you, fall. Told you, fall.  Told you, fall."  All the while shaking his head and raising his eyebrows looking down. I laughed but inside I was thinking, "Do I ever say that! If so, I must have said it one too many times if that's what he thinks right after he falls!"  Eek!  Still it was funny to watch him basically reprimand himself. 
Have a mentioned how much I love springtime?  Today is the perfect reason why.  It's sunny but not too hot with a great breeze.  We picked up some soil from Wal-mart and planted some flower seeds. Cole and I filled up water pitchers and watered the soil and then we flew a kite.  Dad taught him how the other day and man is he a pro. It went REALLY high today.  I don't remember flying a kite when I was little but I'm sure I probably did. I have to say I really enjoy it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Breaking News! I guess that exhausting day of going back and forth with walkers convinced Lyla she was ready for the next step. Yesterday and today she has attempted to walk before she crawls.

I give her a week before it can officially be said that she walks.
The kids were eating strawberries with their lunch today. Cole prefers to just bite off pieces of the strawberry and obviously I was cutting them up for Lyla. Well, she didn't like that one bit. She kept signing "ball" and saying "". When she got really upset, I finally gave her a whole one to see what she would do. She handled it just fine! She sucked on it until pieces fell off. When she finished that one she asked for another "ball". Silly girl.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lyla's first birthday came and went without a really big tadoo but we did have cake and presents with the kids. Cole vividly remembers presents from Christmas so he was VERY excited to open those gifts!

I really thought Lyla would be walking by her first birthday but she hasn't seemed very interested in it for the past couple of months, but boy was she into it yesterday.  For literally an hour she ran back and forth through the house with any walker she could find.

My trip to Florida with Rick was so fun and SO NEEDED. We felt like newlyweds again without the kids to worry about. Knowing they were having a great time with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents definitely made things easier. I was thrilled to hear that they didn't even complain while we were away. When Rick left on Wednesday, I explained to Cole that dad was on a trip and he would come back. So the day before I left, I told him I was going on a trip to see dad and that I would be back too. My mother said Cole completely understood and would say, "Mom, trip, dad, come back." Awesome. I love that he didn't worry because he totally knew everything was fine.  One thing we did do at Grandma's house is finally give this boy a haircut.  Going from this:

to this:

He was a pretty good sport about it all considering he hates his hair cut which is why I had let it go so long.  His reward was a piece of gum which he is chomping on in the pic above.  (Although I hate giving him gum because he ALWAYS swallows it. His intestines must be full of the stuff by now.)

We mostly went out for dinners as Rick was in meetings on and off throughout the day. I enjoyed the time to read books and bask in the sun. I'm so glad it was warm and beautiful. We went to a Hibachi grill at the resort the first night, pirates adventure dinner the second night and a murder mystery dinner the final night. All dinners were good with the most fun being the mystery dinner. Rick actually was asked to take part in it which made it even more fun. The acting and quick improve of the group was outstanding.

Here are a few other shots. After the pirate dinner we walked around and found this massive carousel ride. I thought I was pretty good with scary rides and considering that this is swing carousel which I love (and is NOT scary), I was super excited. Let me tell you this was HIGH. I had to shut my eyes when it was at the very top but would open them if they dropped even a few feet from there. For some reason my eyes just would NOT open at the very top. It was thrilling.

It's good to be back home again too though.  We are enjoying the warm weather and spending a lot of time outside. These videos are from before we left but we Rick took them to the park to fly a kite so I'll try to post those videos soon.

Cole is still very into animals. While we were outside he was so hyper that his animal sounds all came out as yells. I thought it was so funny.

Lyla officially loves slides now and both she and Cole prefer to do them on their tummy. She loves to explore the dirt and grass outside. She knows the sign for outside and uses it ALL THE TIME. The little thing could live outside and probably be very happy. I don't mind it except for the very dirty clothes and scruffed up shoes and knees in the pants. Learn to walk baby girl and you will love it even more!

Yesterday, it was rainy and gray all morning so I pulled out a pop-up tent I bought at Wal-mart after Christmas when they were on clearance. The kids LOVED it!

Cole does a lot of singing now too. I've got to get this on video. I don't know why I haven't yet really. He will start singing to most things he has heard before. He just makes noises and tries to follow along. It is so cute to hear him just start singing. I hope he always sings. It makes me happy.  I feel so blessed to be his mother.

Little Princess went to her one-year checkup yesterday and weighed in at 19lb 5oz. That is actually 5 ounces less that Cole weighed at age 1, but she is 2 1/2 inches shorter than he was! Our little girl is still only 5th percentile for height and is 25th percentile for weight. The doctor said he thought I was rightly justified in taking her off whole milk and giving her 2% instead because her weight gain is still really good. She is just a shorty (27 inches to be exact).  She is so much fun to be with. After her shots she was not very happy but she still seemed to make the best of it.  I feel so blessed to be her mother.