Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Sunday

So this is the outfit he wore two weeks ago - his first church outfit. I put it on him this morning and barely got the shirt buttoned! It's a good thing the vest has room! Guess this is the last time this little man is going to wear this.

We took Cole to the doctor on Saturday. After spending a splendid Thanksgiving in College Station with family, I was told multiple times that he has acid-reflux and should get him on medication which would help his fussiness. The doctor agreed that his symptoms sounded like acid-reflux (general fussiness all day, continual spit up and vomitting, etc.) So he is now taking prilosec. The doctor originally wanted to start him on Zantac but them mentioned that it is the less-effective remedy but is the least expensive too. We wanted none of that - give us full strength solutions for this kid! So we'll see how his behavior improves. Because really - this guy is all splotchy and red from A) crying and B) baby acne (he has it BAD!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diaper Problems

So since our little man was born with chicken legs and no butt, we have a slight problem with diapers. Pampers Swaddlers newborn size were working magnificently up until a few days ago. All the poops leaked out the legs. Then I had some 7th Generation newborns that worked really well. We have 4 packages of newborn Huggies and they are HUGE around the legs for him. Yesterday, I thought maybe I'd try them again. This morning I was looking some things up on the internet and feeding Cole with him on my lap. All of the sudden I felt something warm in between my legs. "Gee, that was weird - but it doesn't feel wet. Oh well." Yea right! The little man peed right through the leg opening in the diaper, through his clothes and on me. Joy. Well, at least it's completely sterile, right? So I changed him and tried the Huggies again. I thought I'd wait until after he was done eating to change myself. So we then continued the feed in the recliner in his nursery. Then I felt something warm on my butt - "No way! How could pee get there?" Sure enough, I don't know how but it went onto the recliner and then sunk down to the seat. Okay, twice in one morning is enough to say NO WAY to Huggies. Imagine if that were one of his runny, uncooked scrambled egg poops! Ew! So I upped him to Size 1 Swaddlers which we have instock. Let's hope these work! I can't believe I'm moving him out of newborn diapers...that means he's growing up!

I mean - look how big my little man is getting! The first is a picture of him in his swing this morning. The other was taken October 27th. He's officially grown out of his preemie clothing and is pushing the length on some of his newborn outfits, though NB pants still fall off since he is so slim. Slow down buddy! We like you teeny!

All day yesterday and last night Cole was pretty relaxed and well behaved but became very fussy from being tired but would no longer easily fall asleep and stay asleep. So after the 1am feeding I pulled out my two other baby books I hadn't yet read. One of them was "The Happiest Baby On the Block". I didn't even know this book was about Colic and fussy babies. So we're trying the methods this morning since he again was fighting sleep - wanting to be on the breast but then crying because milk was coming out and refusing the pacifier. So I used the 5 "S's" of the book and within 1 minute Cole was sound asleep in the swing with static playing on the radio. AMAZING! We'll see if this continues working.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 4 Update

He's now 5 weeks! Time flies! Well the good days and bad days continue but the good days are SOOOO good. He is so angelic. When he is awake on a good day, he will sit still and quiet for hour or two just amazed by you, your voice, toys, etc. The picture above is from this morning - after spitting up BIG TIME all over his clothes of course. He's getting really good at following things with his eyes and looking right at you. That's why when he is crying and fussy from all the gas pains, burping, heartburn, etc. it just really breaks my heart. Hopefully, the bad days become less and less as he gets older. He is also coming VERY close to breaking a smile out of joy. Mom's really working on that one...

Yesterday was his second trip to church and Aunt Jefra held him the entire time! I didn't get a picture of last week's outfit so I was sure to get one this week.

He fed at 7:00AM with a little "snack" at 8:30 that put him to sleep. He then slept until 11:45! I was shocked but it allowed me to play the piano for the young primary children during their singing time for most of church. Here he is after church with Jefra - starting to beg for food.

And after his afternoon feeding yesterday - look closely and you can see the little drop of milk dripping off his cheek. He's starting to get some fat on that chicken neck of his!

And Cole snuggled into Grandma Rees. So adorable.

There are more pictures of his facial expressions this morning and more on his Webpage

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is Colic Anyway?

I haven't posted any updates for a while because
A) We had a few terribly fussy days where I got no sleep and then finally called in for reinforcements. On regular days, Cole is SO well-behaved and is a wonderful observer when he isn't napping or eating. He's easily entertained and loves to look at everything. However on these fussy days he sleeps very little and wants to be attached to mom (literally) 100% of the time.

B) Grandpa Poling came to visit - and I felt bad that Cole was still not feeling up to par and he didn't get to see him happy, calm and wanting to play! I was kind of out of it while he was here too so I didn't get to visit with him much.He'll be back the first week in December with Yvonne this time so hopefully things improve by then.

C) We had another terribly fussy days - this time Rick was home for one of them and saw just how frustrating it can be.

We determined it isn't really "Colic", whatever that is. Rick hates that word since it really doesn't describe a diagnosis but rather is basically the same as saying the baby is fussy. It's probably just something I ate because he has terrible gas pains, burping and heartburn for a day or two and then it passes and I get my happy boy back. It's so hard to watch him so upset. I've definitely cut out a few things that we noticed trigger these fussy days - chocolate and all dairy. Just to be safe I'm cutting out certain vegetables that are known problem makers too. If anyone knows Rick, then you know he doesn't go a week without pizza - which is now a "no-no" for me. Oh well!

We managed to make it to church on Sunday but I totally forgot to get a picture of Cole in his suit. I'm SUPER absent-minded lately so this really comes as no surprise. It's all that lack of sleep. Of course, when I have time to nap with Cole, I never can fall asleep - hence this posting. We've not taken a lot of pictures the past few weeks but we have a few. He is starting to put on weight now (he finally fits in most newborn clothes, though not all) and his cheeks are getting SO cute and chubby, though you can't really see it in this picture. Too bad - it's so fun to see him grow!

Our little man hasn't been sleeping in his bassinet either since we realized he sleeps MUCH better sitting upright and cradled by his car seat. It's been a life-saver for Mommy. However, how can you call this sleeping comfortably?

Usually he is swaddled tight but I didn't want to disturb him before today's nap to do it and look - he is STILL sound asleep. I wonder if they get cricks in their necks? I would move him but I'm enjoying the quiet after two days of crying.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Weeks and Counting!

Here's our little guy right before he had a royal fit on Sunday afternoon. I have no idea what bothered him so much but he just didn't want to settle down and playing with him, changing his diaper or feeding him didn't help. Then we had a fun day on Tuesday. We're guessing the pasta sauce from Sunday's dinner at mom's didn't sit well with baby. He was extremely gas-y and burp-y Monday night and all day Tuesday. So much so that he would even wake himself up. Overall he was pretty good about it but he just wanted to be held all day because he would get upset from all the rumblings in his tummy. I was okay holding him all day because I felt so bad for him. He even let out two HUGE BELCHES - like he had just had a six-pack of Coke or something. Remind me to lay off the pasta sauce (sorry mom!) for the time being. He was pretty much back to normal Tuesday night. Thank goodness!

Oh, we had a doctor check-up on Monday as well. That same day his umbilical cord fell off - yea! We now have an official belly-button. He is now 19 inches long and weighs 5 lbs 11 oz. So he is gaining about an ounce a day. Keep it up - we need some chubs on those chicken legs!

P.S. A few more pics from the second week of his life were added to his site.