Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So it's been nearly a month since I posted and yet I feel I have nothing to say. We've been visiting parks, libraries and stores this month. We have basically been out and I've been well, lazy, about anything else really.

We are celebrating Lyla's birthday tonight since we leave for Austin tomorrow to put Rick on a plane for a business conference in Orlando for a week.  The kids and I will stay at my moms until Friday when I will join Rick in Florida for a few days.  I am sure the kids will have a good time with their cousins and grandparents but still it is the first time I will be leaving them overnight with the exception of the night Lyla was born.  I am not worried about me. I am worried about them wondering where mom went. But they probably won't even notice with so much going on at grandma's house.

But alas here are pics of the kids - I haven't been taking many but here are a few!

She is still cute when she is mad...

Last Sunday as soon as we got home from church I threw on some pants or shorts over their onesies and we enjoyed the sunny warm weather.  Lyla enjoyed her fruit.  Thoroughly.

Cole ran around with a little flag he pulled up marking where the gas line was for the construction going on in front of our house. Hope they didn't need that!

I was trying to get Lyla on video making funny noises. It didn't work but this is still cute.

She loves the slide...

And has learned TO slide...

They are enjoying the weather and want to go outside RIGHT AWAY. Hence they are still in their pj's.

Lyla is so ready to walk. She climbs very well now (as evidenced above). She stands all by herself. She can go from sitting to standing without holding onto anything. She has even taken a step or two here and there but then just decides she prefers to crawl. I'm actually ready for her to walk. Most moms dread it but I think she will love playing with Cole more. I won't worry about her knees or feet (shoes) getting scuffed by crawling and she can follow me better!

Cole is talking so much now. He is still quiet in public places but he is a little chatter box at home.  Odd for the boy who would make a peep.  But I love it.  He also enjoys singing.  His favorite is Elmo's Song. He sings the ABC's to whatever tune it's playing and joins in for most songs on the CD's we have. We have him in Kindermusik again this semester because he just loves it. If you were in class with him you wouldn't think so because he mostly observes but we play the songs and games at home and he get so excited every time. I love to hear him sing.  He has such a sweet voice. I hope this continues.

Oh yes, and Lyla is doing very well with sign language but she definitely has a mind and will of her own so I'm pretty sure it won't take her long to figure out how to get exactly what she wants!  She is really good at repeating gestures and hand movements. For example, A lady sitting behind us at church taught her how to blow kisses after 2 minutes.  She has been doing it ever since.