Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wow! I was reminded by more than one friend that it has been a long time since I updated the blog and I couldn't believe it had been over a month! We have been busy enjoying the summer heat and napping I suppose. So this will mostly be an update of pics and vids you have missed.

Cole is very into taking self portraits with my new white iphone (thank you Rick!)

We have visited Austin a few times as Robert and Beverly moved to Illinois and Ryan and Jefra are moving in two weeks to Florida. We are trying to get the most cousin time in as possible. Lyla thinks she's one of the big kids.

Here are Cannon and Cole showing me they can count to ten. These boys are going to miss each other!

On one of our trips we went to Austin Children's Museum. I love that place. Cole had such a good time playing with the trains. Here's Lyla enjoying the slide.

We bought a few hanging flower baskets for around the house. After being up a few days we found a cute little nest and two eggs...and then four eggs! I love the watch the mommy and daddy guard their little ones. Cole likes to check up on the them too.

This was taken a bit ago but it shows just how much Cole LOOOOOOVES ice cream. We started reading scriptures at night and he eats a popsicle or ice cream. Bad habit to start? Well, at least he enjoys it!

It seems everyone is leaving us because my aunt and uncle that live here are moving for a year as well. Cole and Lyla adore playing with my cousins. Cole used to be afraid of their toy robot but now loves him. This robot really is cute.

Since injuring my back again, I started physical therapy. It has really improved things but I still deal with daily back stiffness, popping and being sore. Aunt B has watched my kiddos for me quite often so I can go to therapy without worries. She of course puts them to work too.

We have had Hudson, one of Cole's buddies here in College Station, over quite a bit as well. I thought this was so funny. The towels were out to sit on for lunch and they had been playing in the sprinkler. Then they suddenly both decided to lay down and sunbath.

Yes, even thought it is killer hot here we have still managed to play a lot outside and we swim at Miramont. That is always nice because then they can see daddy even if it is only for a little bit.

As you know Cole drinks Soymilk. Well, daddy made this little man out of his box and gave him a single drink box and said it was his son. Cole played with these guys for quite a while. They did everything he and daddy do - cuddle, take naps, play rough, eat, etc. It was adorable!

I often catch Cole rocking out in the back seat. This is his mild rocking. Sometimes he starts mouthing the words too. It is so great. Too bad he gets shy when he catches the camera.

We are heading out this week to Lake Hamlin in Michigan to enjoy a week full of family, boating, cabins, bocce ball tournaments and cooler weather! Can't wait!