Monday, September 10, 2007


While in NY, Rick conveniently got a little red convertible to ride around in. Since his return he's listened to Dave Matthews pretty much non-stop. I asked him what made him so into Dave again, and he said it was because he was listening and singing to Dave while driving in the little coup.
Rick also stopped by the Bianchi's home for dinner on Sunday. Rick lived with the Bianchi's in Room 1A right before leaving on a mission.

Rick and Friends

This is Rick and his friend Doug. Doug got married a few weeks ago. It provided Rick the opportunity to return to New York and see all the friends he grew up with in Lockport. I wasn't able to go since I don't have spare vacation days. Rick seems to get a trillion vacation days since he works at least one Saturday a month and is then able to take a vacation day during the next week. Anyway, I was so glad he was able to see everyone. They even got together to play some music, just like they used to!
Rick with his best friend, Aaron and his girlfriend Leah.

Are These Really Business Trips?

Rick had a number of business trips over the summer. I was going through his pictures and just thought, is this really work?? I guess that's the life of a salesman. At two of his trips they had disco themed "get to know you" functions. Rick looks fantastic, right?
This is Rick at his Boston Convention for the National Business Travel Association
And The Interstate Hotels & Resorts Sales Rally in Jacksonville, FL