Saturday, August 28, 2010

Okay, so I have no clue as to what we've been doing for the past 3 weeks other than the usual get up, eat, play, run errands, nap, play, ...etc. etc. But in the midst of all that usual-ness, Lyla became an official "sitter" although I usually am on hand or a pillow is nearby to catch the eventual fall. She seems to still prefer to play on her tummy though she definitely can sit. As evidence:

Yes, and she is now allowed to play in the sink as we get ready in the morning. Man I love sinks. They don't require me to bend down to the ground (because I'm still having back issues) and boy do my kiddos find them fascinating. Is it because of the shiny faucet or because they love to look at themselves in the mirror? Hmm...

Oh yes, and Lyla loves to stick out her tongue. There were a few days that all she did was hang it out like a dog in the wind, but now she's calmed down and only does it once in a while.

Baby girl is definitely teething but she does it all with a smile and just is a little more needy in the "hold me" arena. But the average joe wouldn't even know she's teething since she is pretty much cheery all day. I do think a little stranger anxiety is setting in though (unfortunately).

It is such a blessing to have little Lyla. It is so easy to get her to smile and laugh. She adores her big brother and like him, is hard to tear away from "Baby Signing Time". When it's on, it is almost comical how she turns to look at the TV no matter what you try to distract her with.

Cole has decided it's okay to use his words now and it starting to say a lot of words. Some are very clear but others only mommy really knows what he is saying. Some words he says:

Purple (a favorite), Cole, Car, Cow, Buzz, Woody, Bubble, Cat, Hot, Star, Potty, Shirt, This, Thank You, Store, Door, Mail, Milk, Blue, Cook, Peas, Please, Fly, Bye, Hot, Eat, Water, Slide

There are others I'm sure, but this is what comes to mind at the moment. And obviously his signing vocabulary is much more expansive.

Oh, and I finally got him to understand what "Smile!" means. This is his camera "smile" (aka. the fake one). And his uncle is going to University of Alabama, hence the AL shirt. The watermelon? Well, that's just one of his favorite things to eat.

The laying on the crayons? Well, that's just because he loves "colors" so much. You would think it's Christmas morning when I ask him if he wants to color. And that is what makes being a mom so fun!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh my little girl is growing up too quickly!

She has gone from this just minutes after birth. . .

to this two days ago. . .

A very fast 5 1/2 months! She is just a delight to have around. She is so observant and happy. She also has good motor skills. I have to be careful what I'm holding when she is in my arms because she will grab it quick as lightening. As stated before, she is NOT camera shy like her brother. Rather she hams it up pretty good which makes taking pictures so much fun with her!

She is sitting in Cole's Buzz & Woody chair which his Grandpa and Grandma Poling gave to him along with some other Toy Story goodies. They visited last week and saw first hand just how much this guy is in love with Toy Story! It was so much fun to have them here. Lyla loved them both and even our shy Cole remembered his grandparents. Here's Lyla with her Grandma.

Cole has asked for his grandparents everyday since they left last Thursday. So I've been distracting him and have taken him out of the house to playscapes at McDonald's and Chik-fil-a to keep things interesting (and to avoid the midday heat).

We will go to the park in the evenings after 7pm when it isn't so hot. Lyla has enjoyed our little trips there as well.

Lyla enjoys her swinging and her Jumparoo - Cole likes to combine the two in one for her. As soon as I put the Jumparoo up he asked if he could swing in it. He settled for swinging her in it.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen cleaning or something when I looked at Cole in the living room. He had the spray bottle of water and was tapping it on the couch and then wiping a cloth over it. He did each cushion and then moved on to the ottoman. . . just like he saw mommy do when I cleaned the leather on the couches a couple of weeks ago. It was ADORABLE. Thankfully, caught on film! (He eventually moved on the the end tables and entertainment unit and dusted them too.)

Oh, and here's another pic of Miss dumpling, just for kicks.