Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seeing how much Lyla has grown in the past year is amazing. Her personality can be so sweet and fun.  She has a great laugh, loves to tell stories and sing and dance. Here are some recent videos that show just that. I'm grateful for her high spirit in our home and that she loves to make Daddy and Mommy laugh!

*Please note that Lyla does indeed like most Beyonce songs she has heard, which is only like two or three because the Chipmunks sing them, but requests them frequently, as does Cole.
Cole asked me yesterday why we have to study the scriptures every day.   I responded, "So that we can feel more of the Spirit of God in our lives."  And that is true. As our family reads daily, when we have a sincere moment to feel the love of God and let the Holy Spirit touch our hearts, the children have less desire to argue and are more quick to share and think of one another.

His question reminded me why I study my scriptures personally each day - to be a better mother. I am more calm, more patient and more understanding.  It may be unexplained scientifically, but spiritually it is true.  The natural tendencies to be controlling, yell, get upset or others are subdued by the Spirit that fills my life from reading.  Thanks Cole for the reminder. :-)