Monday, December 15, 2008

8 Weeks Old!

Our little man is growing up so fast! He was giving mom some good half-smiles today. I couldn't catch any of those on camera but here's a closed-mouth little grin. This morning was the closest to social smiles yet! Here's some pics and video from this morning.

Ti - RED

This is my very, very tired and RED baby - from the screaming and rubbing around his eyes. This is actually when he woke up - 10 minutes after I laid him down thinking he would make it for a nice long nap!! Not so, the long ones lately are only when I'm holding him or if he is lying next to me. I need to find a pillow or shirt that smells like me to trick the little guy.

We still have trouble getting him to sleep both for naptimes and bedtime. He wants to fall asleep so badly but seems to have trouble getting there. He doesn't even fall asleep while eating usually. He'll still want to suck because he isn't asleep but his little belly is so full he cries and he of course doesn't like to settle for the pacifier either. It takes a while but he finally agrees and goes to sleep. Luckily, for the most part he falls asleep right after his middle of the night feedings.

(Please excuse the pink bassinet sheet - the others were dirty. Hey, I put blue blankets on him! Normally I don't like the loose blankets either but he wasn't bundled and swaddled when I got him to sleep and it is chilly in our house.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bathing Baby

Cole really didn't like bath time until this week. Dad started giving him baths before bed every night and he really enjoys them. From the moment he hears running water he calms down. Well, he likes the sound of running water anyway but at least he doesn't scream now when that water touches his skin. More bath time pictures are on his website (see link to right).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Blessing & 7 Weeks

Almost forgot - Sunday was Cole's baby blessing - being the bad photographer I am I didn't take any pictures! Cole wore his little suit and so many people came to see the blessing. In addition to the immediate family (we miss you Kylene and Jeff!), Grandma and Grandpa Poling were here as well as Uncle Lynn and Aunt Barbara and family from College Station and Rick's Co-worker Serena came. The blessing was absolutely beautiful. Linda kindly took notes during the blessing. I'm so grateful that she did. I was so proud of Cole for not crying!

Yvonne was holding Cole prior to the blessing and was anxious to see if Grandpa Rees would give him up after the blessing. She was so giddy to see Cole being passed down the aisle back to her. It was so cute - I just love to see people excited about our little man. We are all blessed by his presence (even when he is crying inexplicably).

So Cole is 7 weeks now and is mostly progressing in the strength area.
1. He holds his head up about 100% of the time now.
2. He can push into a standing position with just a little help on the balance part.
3. He is SUPER attentive so is very good with focusing on any object with his eyes. He recognizes mommy by sight.
4. That super attention causes him to fight sleep nearly 100% of the time. Poor mommy and daddy.
5. Since birth he has made cooing sounds. They are more often now and more varied.
6. He sure has a good set of lungs on him...(he's demonstrating that right now...gotta go!)

Random Cute Pics

This was Jeremiah before Cole started cry. T had a total meltdown when he started to cry. Naturally he thought he did something to make Cole upset. I felt so bad for Jeremiah - his tender heart is so adorable!

Time with Daddy

Cole was chilling with Rick and being so cute so I pulled out the camera. It was only after I took the picture that I realized his pants were pulled clear up to his chest like an old man! This picture still cracks me up. He looks so funny!!

Bath Time!

Cole doesn't really like baths - but he is getting used to them. Yesterday was the first time he didn't cry during the bath or after for the drying and lotion! After the bath last week we put him in his warm reindeer outfit. He loved it - as he fell asleep right after but not before squeezing his hands so tight you couldn't pry them open if you tried! He's so stinkin' cute!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Remember the Alamo!

We went to San Antonio on Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Cole happily rode in the baby carrier. He was really good the entire trip but I think he was sick of being confined when it came time to drive home. He was so tired he cried most of the way. He fell asleep when we got home though and slept from 9PM to 2AM!! I was so shocked I kept waking up to check on him. It seems no matter what time we get him to sleep he is waking around 2AM so if we could just get him asleep earlier than 11PM (his usual time to finally conk out) then Mom could get more sleep!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Grandma and Grandpa Poling came to visit for a few days and boy was Mommy excited because after Monday and Tuesdays PERFECT (no fussy behavior)she was exhausted by Wednesday and Thursdays horrid attitude - constant crying and not staying asleep for longer than 10 minutes. I had to constantly rock him back to sleep. Ugh.

Cole really took to Grandma and she fell in love with him too (I mean, how could you not??) Grandpa was so excited to see him again. In just 3 weeks a baby grows so much!

Also, Cole's baby acne is in full force - just excuse his red bumpy cheeks and chin!

Kissing Machine

Rick is a kissing machine - he can't stop whenever Cole is in good spirits. This is him all bundled up Sunday evening as we got him ready for bed. He was so alert. He loves being swaddled. Do you think he likes the constant kisses? Look at that face - What do you think?

Monday, December 1, 2008


Cole must hate Mommy's favorite outfit. I've put it on him twice now and each time within 15 minutes of wearing it he pooped out his diapers all over it. This second time is proving difficult to get out. Stop that! I mean really, isn't this CUTE?!