Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring is here! But it feels like summer.  Either way, it is beautiful here and we are enjoying it.  We actually went swimming at my Uncle's home here in College Station last week and both Cole and Lyla LOVED it.  Neither really wanted to get out of the water except they got cold. Once they got warm they wanted right back in.

I didn't get a picture of the swim but here are some recent pics of playing outside (before they got dirty).  They were just too cute not to share.

We had a multi-day Easter Celebration. Easter morning the kids awoke to a trail of jelly beans leading to their Easter baskets. Once Lyla realized she could eat the beans she followed that track stuffing her face with all she could keep in there. It was a lot of fun to do a real holiday tradition now that the children are getting older and can enjoy it. Later than evening we went to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner. We got some pictures of the family - well, we TRIED to get a picture of the family together. This is about as good as it gets.

Lyla was already tired by this point. But we did get some cute ones of her playing with the flowers. She loves flowers. It's one of the words she says often.

Cole wasn't quite as cooperative but we managed with what he gave us.

Rick has Mondays off work so we invited some friends over and we had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard. The kids loved it. And we had a visitor! (Too bad Lyla didn't know who that really was.)

(Her blue lips are from a ring pop. She is a lollipop fanatic!  Just loves 'em! 
Oh, and Thanks Aunt Natalie for my dress!)

Easter always makes me feel so much gratitude.  I love the green coming back,the flowers and the sun (though the sun doesn't really leave in Texas).  This year, I felt especially blessed to have these healthy and beautiful children as part of our family.

We may have our moments of freakish health scares. For example, we found out a couple of weeks ago that Cole is allergic to the sunscreen I used on him all last year. (weird) He broke out in red bumps all over. His skin looked a little swollen for the first day or so. It has been nearly two weeks and he still has bumps on his arms and legs. Poor guy. Why is he allergic to everything?

Yesterday, Lyla woke from her nap with a red mark on the side of her face. I thought it was from sleeping on her hand, but after 45 minutes it had not even slightly faded and was hot to the touch.

I sent this picture to my mother and Rick and asked their opinion. Well, I called the doctor and the nurse said it sounded like heat rash, but if it got worse to go to the doctor. About an hour later it had filled in and was really red - turning purplish.  When she started crying a lot, wanting me to hold her and asking for milk, I knew something was wrong. We took her to urgent care (because the docs where then closed).  They said it was a good thing we brought her in because it was an infection in the soft tissue of her skin. They couldn't say for sure what kind, but that she just needed some antibiotics.  We searched all over for a bite, scratch or other opening where the infection could have started but found nothing - except for what appeared to be dried food by her ear.  The doctor said it could have been an inner ear infection that spread but that was just a guess too.  Odd thing is after waiting for her prescription the redness had faded again and she was getting back to her playful self.  We are giving her the meds all the same. 

Still with all these minor ailments I feel very fortunate. A friend of ours just found out their 3 year old has leukemia and will spend the next six months in Houston at the children's hospital there. I can't imagine.  Upon hearing this I became extremely grateful for temporary skin rashes and little fevers.  We are truly a blessed family.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well, Cole's potty training didn't last very long. After 2 days he did NOT want to go to the bathroom and would say "NO!" then go in the other room and pee.  He wasn't ready but thought it was fun to try it for a day or two I guess.  So we are back to diapers. Oh well.

Lyla is walking now. She isn't totally steady but she can manage about half way across the room before she falls. I think she gets nervous because she will start to lock her knees and try to walk like Frankenstein and then of course, falls.  Last week she was an absolute different person. She was definitely not feeling well. She slept poorly, was teething and had a rash on the back of her neck.  She cried a lot, didn't even try to walk or talk and wanted to be held.  She isn't completely through with it because she is still teething and back to two naps.  We had been doing one nap for about a month I guess.  I miss my cheery Lyla and worried that since it was going on for so long that she suddenly was going to turn into this beast of a toddler. But slowly she is getting back to herself. I don't know what it was, but it was bad. Trust me. She didn't even want to play outside.  She didn't even try to play in the dirt. Yes, this girl can't wait to get into dirt.  She even loves to rub food all over her.  What a nightmare to clean.  Cole was always so neat and liked to be clean. He rarely needed baths - once a week was good for him.  She needs one almost every day.  Somehow she is always a mess.  A cute mess. But a mess.

While we were in Austin a couple of weekends ago, Lyla crawled into the toy closet, climbed up onto a chair and played "work".  I found her in there like that. I wonder what she was going to do to get down.  She loves to climb.

I think Cole was nearly two before he even attempted to get up this ladder.  Not her!  She could do it before she could walk. This picture is funny because she is pushing out her belly and making silly faces. She was so excited to get up there and eat!

Cole watched a "Thomas & Friends" video with Cannon while we were in Austin. Guess what? Now he is hooked. We use Netflix to watch them on our Xbox. I actually thought they were SO BORING, but what I realized is the old ones using toys with eyes that move are boring. The new ones with computer animated faces are very, very cool.  We watch "Thomas and the Kite" mostly.  He loves the song and gets really excited when the words come up at the end.  He still loves Toy Story and Cars but now we have a new love.  He was always calling all the blue trains "Thomas" so when I pointed out there is a number on the train associated with each name his eyes grew big and wide.  I can tell he is already starting to memorize them.  Love this kid! He is all boy but with the cuddles, hugs, kisses and gentleness to endear him to your heart forever. For example, last night at dinner he was stroking my left arm as he ate.  At first I thought I didn't really notice, but then it went on and on until he practically leapt out of his chair to press his head to my chest and squeeze the life out of me.  Is there anything better than that?!

After dinner, it was time for baths and BOY were they on something. Cole swam and spewed water everywhere.  Lyla was on a giggle fest and kept falling in the water from laughter.  Blood shot eyes to prove it!

And finally, I also took some videos of them




Oh my cuties! I just love them!