Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today Lyla had her first nail polish. Aunt "B" watches Lyla on Wednesdays while Cole and I go to Kindermusik.  When I returned to pick her up she had some pretty toesies!

I love it! I probably would have painted them even before now but Cole has a fascination with polishes in the grocery store so I've avoided him seeing them like the plague at home. 

Cole has showed so many signs of being ready to potty train for awhile now. It has been me that has lagged behind. I just thought the entire process was going to be challenging and messy.  But in hearing other moms talk about their experiences over the past couple of weeks, I realized it may not be so bad.  So we picked up plenty of pairs of underwear at the store yesterday. I didn't wake up this morning thinking this was the day, but somehow I asked him if he wanted to wear his "Superwhy" underwear after I took his bedtime diaper off and he was thrilled.  We made it through music class without any problems. We had a little accident at my aunt's house but I was expecting it.  On the way to her house from class I told him we would go when we got to Aunt "B's"  and he said "NooooPE!" Meaning, this is a foreign toilet, no thanks.

The biggest shock was when he actually went poo on the potty!  Whoa! I expected some big tadoo but he said he needed to go so we went. He sat there and I asked him if he wanted mom to sing some songs. He said yes. We sang "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window" and "Elmo's Song".  Then Lyla joined us and I asked him if he would rather we leave. He said, "Yes, Mom, Lyla, leave."  After a few minutes and talking through doors (and peeking through the door...sorry I just couldn't resist as he was being such a darling and so modest...he is going to kill me later, right?)

He said he was done and he was! YEA!!!!  We did have another tiny accident later but he managed to stop and come get me (I was upstairs with Lyla) to go potty and finish.   Oh I am so relieved! This doesn't feel like work at all!  Cross your fingers this keeps up and we will be down to nighttime diapers only!  (Oh yea, I put a diaper on him for his nap but it was dry after the nap. Yeehaw!)

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  1. That's amazing! Way to go Cole! And yes, he will be mortified of that picture when he's older!