Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cole got so many cool things for his birthday, but this hat was one of his favorite. I don't think I've ever taken a picture of how he walks around some days with blanky in hand (sometimes two of them) with his milk cup almost empty just hanging out his mouth. I can't believe he doesn't take it out. He'll keep it in there forever.

And Cole's other birthday surprise came today! I put it together while he was napping and told him there was a surprise for him after he woke. He got VERY excited when he saw it had PEDALS! His legs are a little short to reach the pedals when you turn the steering column but by tonight he figured out how to slouch and reach better. He is working on the whole "steering" mechanics as that is totally new to him but this is definitely a winner!

(Note blanky in hand again. :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cole's 2nd birthday was such a mix of fun and disasters that all you can do is laugh. It all started out well. We actually it started the night before when daddy brought home sparklers from work. Cole LOVED them!

In the morning, he watched his favorite show and while I was busy with Lyla, I came back to find this:

Yep. Lotion in his hair, all over the couch, his clothes, everything. So Lyla went down for a nap and we went into the tub for a wash down (and a haircut). Later we went to Kindermusik class (which he adores). I treated him to a mommy and son lunch at McDonald's where they have a fun playscape too.

Then we were off to pick up Lyla at Auntie B's. He loves it there and even thought his Uncle Lynn was hilarious in a scary Halloween mask. Then it was home for naps and that is when everything started going askew. He woke up cranky - bad news. But I hoped a walk outside would cure that. Then dad came home with Cole's balloons and cake. (I had intended to make one but time and energy just escaped me.) As Cole started playing with them I thought, "I'd better go hold the balloons so they don't fly away." But then I saw dad had a handle on it and instead I grabbed the camera inside. I got one picture.

Then this happened.

Uh-huh. 2 minutes of fun. He actually enjoyed seeing them fly away though.

I bought regular candles for Cole's cake at the same time I bought Rick's "3 and "0" for his cake. Well, they were nowhere to be found so Cole had to settle for a "3" candle to blow out. Uh-huh. So sad - not that he knew, but we sure did and I felt terrible.

Daddy and Cole dived into the cake. Then Cole started his allergic reaction. Uh-huh. No cake for Cole tonight. It was the icing though so he did get some later.

Cole enjoyed opening his gifts and we were so excited to have him open up the disco ball he loves so much at Chuck E. Cheese. Rick has a sort of curse though. Nothing he buys ever works. This time was no exception even though he tested it to make sure it turned at the store. Yea, it turned. The lights just don't work. Uh-huh. Well, he has another surprise coming, it just isn't here yet. Hopefully, that will make up for the blunder. You can see he was enthused for this "ball" (well, not overly so given he was already exhausted but this is pretty excited given the circumstances).

All in all the day was fun for Cole as he still doesn't really "get" what birthdays are. Every time we would sing to him he would say "mouse" (aka. Chuck E. Cheese where he has seen him sing to others). But I have definitely resolved to be much better at birthdays from here on out as some of these "Oops" could have been avoided!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cole and Lyla were playing so cute today that I thought I'd pull out my camera. Though Lyla is so quick now I don't get very many good pics of her as I would like. Cole has always avoided the camera like the plague. The few shots I got of just him CRACK me UP! What is he trying to be? America's Next Top Super Model Toddler? hahaha...I mean, look at his pout!

Hands in the hair...

Oh but he is a sweet boy...

Well, the rest aren't so model-ish and yes, it does appear that Cole is ready to whack his sister, but no, he didn't. He always just wants to squeeze her or hit her or lay on her (which Lyla finds funny). I think he just wants to be close but not sure how to get out this immense affection he feels for her. He never hits her as he stops himself, but this sure makes for a funny picture!

They love to play in Lyla's room on the guest bed and in her crib. This is in her crib. Cole was clapping his hands on her tummy. You would think it hurt but she thought it was hilarious. Silly girl. Whatever he does, she loves.

Oh yes, and she now stands in her crib. This is always fun (not) because she doesn't know how to get down so she just screams bloody murder when she is tired of it. This is especially delightful when she stands up before going to bed. I'm sure all moms have been there.

And lastly, her energy faded and she resorted to her usual stance.

Cole turns 2 years old tomorrow. I can't believe Lyla is almost 8 months. Where has the time gone? Lyla now takes a bottle, and oddly enough, seems to prefer it sometimes. She even takes formula. I've had to supplement for various reasons. So thank heavens she drinks it! Most of all this girl loves to eat. She wants to eat, eat, eat! The exact opposite of her brother in that area for sure. He could care less. Give him milk, milk and more milk. Oh yes, and Cole is officially a "Cars" fan. I think he has watched the "Tractor Tipping" scene 100x's in the last three or four days. Great fun for mom too. Well, actually I prefer watching "Cars" over "Toy Story". For some reason, "Cars" doesn't get old to me. Well, at least not yet...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The past few weeks have been pretty full for the Poling family. Rick and Cole made a quick trip to Miami, FL to be with Grandpa Poling for his last day as a police officer and his retirement party. Cole is still free to fly and Rick wanted to have some daddy and son time. They got there on Friday afternoon, surprised Grandpa at his party and then went to the Miami zoo on Saturday and home on Sunday. I was so excited to see my men when they got home, but unfortunately, the entire escapade wore out little Cole that he was less than enthusiastic about anything for the next couple of days. He seemed to take it all out on mom. No hugs, no love, nothing. He gave me the cold shoulder for two or three days. But once caught up on naps and filled up with food he was back to loving mom and everything else too. (He really wouldn't eat for daddy while he was in Florida - he is just a routine kid. He needs it to eat otherwise he will always just want milk - all day, and only milk. He drank a half-gallon in just two days in Florida.) Sorry, no pics to share of the event but Rick did send me this one from the airport - it was a "Make a Wish" flight so there were balloons, juice and cookies for the kids.

Cole is even more attached to Daddy now than ever after their party time. Everything daddy does, Cole does. Dad wore a hat so Cole needed a hat...(and he loves all hats now in general).

While they were away Lyla and I enjoyed some alone time. It isn't often I get Lyla and just Lyla. It was heaven really having a quiet house again. I didn't realize how busy and noisy it usually is until Cole was gone. Wow he keeps things happening here. She was adorable (as usual) and enjoyed our one on one time too.

I discovered a few things about my girl having more time together. She loves dolls - well, at least Cole's Woody doll. She usually picks it over anything around her. She loves earrings. Not so much to grab them out of your ear, but she is almost mesmerized by them and stares at them adoringly. Does the same for shiny rings or necklaces too. Girl much? Also, she loves to look at herself. She even gives herself slobbery kisses in the mirror...

As well as blow raspberries just for the fun of it...

Lastly, Lyla is a crawler but more like a leap-frogger. Her cousin Ally, has the traditional crawl down pat but Lyla just really prefers to work on walking. She will pout to have us stand her up and from there she wants to let go of your hands. What does she think will happen? She also practically leaps off the bathroom sink. We used to sit Cole in the sink while we got ready and he was content to play with everything around him. Not her. She stands up in the sink and then crawls out almost immediately. How am I ever going to get ready now? Seriously, this girl wants to grow up too fast! (Oh yes, and she loves make-up brushes too...)

And here are some crawling videos.

Cole will be two next week. T-W-O! Again, I'm probably a loser mom, but we are just doing a family cake and presents. I just don't see myself whipping up a big thing in the next week. I should have been more on the ball but I'm pretty sure he won't care, right?