Thursday, March 17, 2011

This week has been jam packed full of fun.  Grandma and Grandpa Poling came on Sunday and stayed until Thursday evening. Cole had been looking forward to their visit and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  They took him to his favorite places...twice...and spoiled him rotten (trucks, airplanes, fire engines, oh my!)  I don't think it took even a half hour before Lyla was squeezing both of their necks like she had known them all her life.  Even Aunt Ashley made a trip up to see the kids.  I wish we had more time with her but we loved what we got!  Each day was full of so much play I think everyone was worn out by the time evening came.  Now that things have quieted down here I suddenly feel like my little toddler turned into a little boy all while they were here.  He just seems to act older. He even smiled on cue.  

Grandma Poling taught Cole how to play "Hide & Seek". Believe it or not, Cole seems to prefer seeking because even when it is his turn to hide he starts counting and jumps out at "10".  Here are some fun clips of him playing.

Lyla has incredible verbal skills for a one year old in my opinion.  She signs and speaks "ball" (baw baw), "bubbles" (buhhls), and "outside" (oust or outs).  She signs "milk", "eat" and "drink".  She can also say "da da" (and knows it's Dad but sometimes uses it for Grandpa too).  We have heard her repeat after us on a couple occasions "toy" and "book" too.  Wow.  She is very good at copying sounds her daddy makes and tries to make the animal and tractor noises in a farm book we read together.  She even mimics the vampire laugh in a Halloween book we have - I actually think it's sort of a creepy book but both of our kids have LOVED this book year round.  I know I've got to get her "speaking" on video or no one is going to believe me.  I guess we'll start with her vampire laugh.

Love my dumplings!

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