Monday, May 28, 2007

Road Trip!

Rick and I have spent a large amount of time in the car together. Really, I know the right profile of Rick’s face much better than the rest! haha! We’ve always enjoyed traveling together and love the opportunity to get on the road. Although as I get older, I don’t like a trip longer than three hours. I can’t believe I used to drive across the US during the summers in college! Oh, and just so you know, Rick really is the driver in this pic. The camera just inverted everything!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Four Day Weekend

We were able to attend the Dallas Temple on Saturday and afterwards went to see an Improvisational comedy group “Four Day Weekend”. We highly recommend this show as we were left in stitches and continue to laugh just thinking about it. See more about the group here

Friday, May 25, 2007

Doral Tesoro

For Memorial Day Weekend we decided it was time we had a relaxing vacation. Rick’s company also manages a hotel/golf resort in Fort Worth, TX called “Doral Tesoro”. We managed to get an employee rate on a hotel room and upon arriving even were upgraded to a suite! The hotel is really the nicest place we have ever stayed. We really had little desire to leave.

The restaurant was fabulous and Rick also gets 50% off meals at the hotel because he is an employee of the same management company. This turned out really useful as they had a Friday Prime Rib buffet and full Breakfast buffets! The views at the hotel were breathtaking as well. You could tell many brides were taking advantage of the scenery as there were more than 5 weddings in just the few days we were here!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Wedding Vids are here!

Okay, so I was going to do some finishing touches on these that I still haven’t gotten to so I decided to go ahead and post them. However, I am SO disappointed that the fades from one picture to another are totally lost when you compress the video to upload quickly on the web. So you don’t really get the full effect, but I think you will still enjoy seeing them!

1 - Kylene and Jeff - Amor La Verita

2 - My Little Girl - Family Pictures

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rick Runs for Office

Rick decided back in January that he wanted to run for school board feeling it was time to get more involved. He ran a great campaign putting up signs and talking to as many people as possible. Towards the end he teamed up with Elizabeth Frey and Aaron Johnson to have a united campaign. A local parent support group who sponsor a blog called "Kids First" also gave Rick their support. This really helped get his name out there are well as his stand on various issues. This was a hot year for the election since the current superintendent is retiring.

News 8 did a story on all the candidates running for school board and Rick got great coverage. Unfortunately they've taken the video down. Boo!

Although Rick didn’t win we feel he did a great job for being new to the area, running against 4 other candidates and being the youngest - he got over half the vote in Travis County and 17% of the vote total. Go Rick! I’m so proud of you!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Girliest Tomboy

I wish everyone could be around my niece and nephew, Jade and JT. They are too cute for words. This video perfectly depicts Jade’s attitude. She is totally all girl - from the doll-like laugh to loving jewelry and make-up, but at the same time she is tougher than tough and can do a mean wall climb!