Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 4 Update

He's now 5 weeks! Time flies! Well the good days and bad days continue but the good days are SOOOO good. He is so angelic. When he is awake on a good day, he will sit still and quiet for hour or two just amazed by you, your voice, toys, etc. The picture above is from this morning - after spitting up BIG TIME all over his clothes of course. He's getting really good at following things with his eyes and looking right at you. That's why when he is crying and fussy from all the gas pains, burping, heartburn, etc. it just really breaks my heart. Hopefully, the bad days become less and less as he gets older. He is also coming VERY close to breaking a smile out of joy. Mom's really working on that one...

Yesterday was his second trip to church and Aunt Jefra held him the entire time! I didn't get a picture of last week's outfit so I was sure to get one this week.

He fed at 7:00AM with a little "snack" at 8:30 that put him to sleep. He then slept until 11:45! I was shocked but it allowed me to play the piano for the young primary children during their singing time for most of church. Here he is after church with Jefra - starting to beg for food.

And after his afternoon feeding yesterday - look closely and you can see the little drop of milk dripping off his cheek. He's starting to get some fat on that chicken neck of his!

And Cole snuggled into Grandma Rees. So adorable.

There are more pictures of his facial expressions this morning and more on his Webpage


  1. Oh my gosh...hon those close ups of him snuggling just took my breath away!! He is so precious!! I hope the *bad* days disappear soon!!! HUGS!!

  2. What a handsome man! Elliott and I were admiring him from the row behind you. He's just darling!!!!!

  3. That last picture with him snuggled into mom is the best!! He looks so sedated and so much older! He is seriously gorgeous and NO I'm not biased or anything!