Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diaper Problems

So since our little man was born with chicken legs and no butt, we have a slight problem with diapers. Pampers Swaddlers newborn size were working magnificently up until a few days ago. All the poops leaked out the legs. Then I had some 7th Generation newborns that worked really well. We have 4 packages of newborn Huggies and they are HUGE around the legs for him. Yesterday, I thought maybe I'd try them again. This morning I was looking some things up on the internet and feeding Cole with him on my lap. All of the sudden I felt something warm in between my legs. "Gee, that was weird - but it doesn't feel wet. Oh well." Yea right! The little man peed right through the leg opening in the diaper, through his clothes and on me. Joy. Well, at least it's completely sterile, right? So I changed him and tried the Huggies again. I thought I'd wait until after he was done eating to change myself. So we then continued the feed in the recliner in his nursery. Then I felt something warm on my butt - "No way! How could pee get there?" Sure enough, I don't know how but it went onto the recliner and then sunk down to the seat. Okay, twice in one morning is enough to say NO WAY to Huggies. Imagine if that were one of his runny, uncooked scrambled egg poops! Ew! So I upped him to Size 1 Swaddlers which we have instock. Let's hope these work! I can't believe I'm moving him out of newborn diapers...that means he's growing up!

I mean - look how big my little man is getting! The first is a picture of him in his swing this morning. The other was taken October 27th. He's officially grown out of his preemie clothing and is pushing the length on some of his newborn outfits, though NB pants still fall off since he is so slim. Slow down buddy! We like you teeny!

All day yesterday and last night Cole was pretty relaxed and well behaved but became very fussy from being tired but would no longer easily fall asleep and stay asleep. So after the 1am feeding I pulled out my two other baby books I hadn't yet read. One of them was "The Happiest Baby On the Block". I didn't even know this book was about Colic and fussy babies. So we're trying the methods this morning since he again was fighting sleep - wanting to be on the breast but then crying because milk was coming out and refusing the pacifier. So I used the 5 "S's" of the book and within 1 minute Cole was sound asleep in the swing with static playing on the radio. AMAZING! We'll see if this continues working.


  1. Huggies are the worst! I have to change sheets every morning Addi wears Huggies to bed! NO THANK YOU!

    Good luck with the Pampers Swaddlers! I hope it's a match made in heaven!

  2. What are the five S's? he has gotten a lot bigger. too funny about the diapers!

  3. Mr and Mrs. Poling. I believe a big congrats is in order. For the little one. This is (Elder) Mike Hainey leaving a message for (Elder) Rick Poling telling him he needs to call me asap to catch up on old times. 801-885-7825