Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Sunday

So this is the outfit he wore two weeks ago - his first church outfit. I put it on him this morning and barely got the shirt buttoned! It's a good thing the vest has room! Guess this is the last time this little man is going to wear this.

We took Cole to the doctor on Saturday. After spending a splendid Thanksgiving in College Station with family, I was told multiple times that he has acid-reflux and should get him on medication which would help his fussiness. The doctor agreed that his symptoms sounded like acid-reflux (general fussiness all day, continual spit up and vomitting, etc.) So he is now taking prilosec. The doctor originally wanted to start him on Zantac but them mentioned that it is the less-effective remedy but is the least expensive too. We wanted none of that - give us full strength solutions for this kid! So we'll see how his behavior improves. Because really - this guy is all splotchy and red from A) crying and B) baby acne (he has it BAD!)

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