Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, it appears I should be playing catch up as I have so much to report on and I'm positive I will miss something.  I have been slacking on taking pictures which usually means I'm not prompted to blog. So sorry. So most of these pictures posted are actually from the worst camera known to man on the market today - my 2.0mpx cellphone.  It's a nifty tiny thing but, man, does it take awful pictures.  I just have forgotten to put my camera or ipod in my purse. Well, also because the camera seems to be having lighting issues too.  I'm hoping a new battery will help that out.  Anyway...

Christmas was so fun for the kids.  Cole & Lyla love absolutely everything they received and play with all of it.  This has been so great because they have started to play together and without Mom!  We spent Christmas in Austin.  And sadly, I only have one picture.  Lyla doesn't really like to use walkers anymore or even hold your hands and walk. She is determined to stay a crawler because she is TOO AFRAID of getting hurt.  She won't even go up the stairs at all - not even one step - because she got hurt once.  So seeing this event was big.

She definitely is strong willed this girl.  Many times she refuses to eat unless I give her something she can feed herself.  She loves to make a mess with food. Even if I'm feeding her she will put her fingers in her mouth (I guess to feel it) and then get it all over her face and everywhere else.  Yes, feeding a child is such joy.  She has even refused to eat in her highchair because Cole and I were not sitting down.  (i.e. I was making waffles and feeding them to Cole while I cooked more.  She wouldn't eat anything and sat in her chair making sad faces, sucking her fingers and moaning.  I picked her up and she signed "eat" and then proceeded to eat an entire waffle while being held.  Silly girl!)  But she is such a delight.  Truly there could be no better temperament on any child.  Just a little determined, which isn't a bad thing at all.  I know she isn't the happiest in this picture but she was just dang cute being all demanding!

Here is one picture from my phone after Christmas. Actually this was taken the same day as the above highchair pic. Don't ask me why I didn't grab the camera instead. 

What have we been doing with all of our time you ask?  Well, on the nice days (which have been many until this week) we go to the park down the street.  Cole does his usual digging in the rocks but has backed off the slide.  He seems to have developed an odd fear of heights.  Nothing has happened to him (that we know of), but he just is afraid now. I don't know if this is a phase he will grow out of or not.

Lyla would love it if she stayed all day in the swings.

Sometimes we go see the ducks at the community park. We discovered these ducks as we went to see the lights at the park.  Cole loves them and they are not afraid of you.  I don't usually bring food for them because Cole is usually hesitant for them to get really close so I don't want to give them any reason to come closer.

Last week was bedding and towels wash day. The kids were in such good moods which made it so much easier for me to be busy doing chores.  But they were so dang cute I quit working and just started playing and taking pics.

Like I said, we were washing bedding. They love the guest bed the most to play on. Maybe because that room is so sunny. Who knows. But they were stinkin fun to watch! They were just moving around too quick for my dying batteries in the camera to get any really great shots.

Lyla will pose for pictures or depending on her mood, lunge at the camera. Example:

But Cole almost never looks at the camera.  He always moves right before you take it and they end up like this.  You can see that he is just thrilled with himself for tricking me once again. I'm glad he gets such joy out of the little moments in life.

But Daddy can hold him still for a minute so I can at least get a pic of those precious eyes.

And here they are being so, so, so cute. Oh, and one more thing...Cole often doesn't like to get fully changed. If it's bedtime, he will want to keep his shirt on usually. If it's morning, sometimes he will only let you put a new shirt on and keep his PJ pants on. This was one of those mornings.

Yes, Lyla sometimes gives kisses open mouthed. You never know what you are going to get! But that's why Cole wouldn't kiss her back. Haha!

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