Friday, January 14, 2011

A day in the life...(with cell phone pics)

This morning we took Lyla to the doctor as I was concerned that she might have an ear infection and didn't want to go the weekend with it getting worse.  Her norm is to suck her fingers when she gets sleepy or when she doesn't feel well. The fact that she was doing it most of the day had me concerned. She had been rubbing her ears as well.  So after a few days of debating I finally brought her in. Turns out she didn't but doc says she does have a sore throat which could be the sucking fingers - in addition to teething of course. 

Cole wanted to go with me to the doctor even though Dad was at home because he knew that these little gizmos were waiting for him.  Having a cool toy that isn't anywhere else at home is a great attraction to go to the doctor!  As soon as we walked in, Lyla almost jumped out of my arms to get to them as well.  They played with them about 10 minutes after our appointment too. Cole calls them "Choo-choos".  And he makes the train sound when he plays. I love it!

Cole and Lyla playing with the mirror at the doctor's office. Cole usually loves to play with all the doctor instruments on the wall too.  He holds the otoscope to his ear, then mom's ear, then Lyla's ear, etc.

We then went to the mall to go shoe shopping for Cole.  He needed some church shoes and a new pair of decent casual shoes.  We had him sized and he is a 6.5 but a 7 or 7.5 was recommended to have growing room (especially since dress shoes are hardly ever worn and won't wear out before he outgrows them).   After some shopping we had lunch and Cole begged to go in the play area.  I usually avoid this place since it is so dirty but he had been so good all afternoon we went for it. 

Cole loves to climb on these red mushrooms and slide down the other side.  He prefers this over the real slide (the height thing again).  And the biggest surprise to me was how much Lyla LOVED this place.  She was squealing with delight and scampering everywhere. Every mother and child there became enamored with her. When she finally got bombarded with children trying to hug her and kiss her she only became more enthused (instead of scared).  But I rescued the tot from the germs dying to get on her fingers and eventually in her mouth. 

With smiles and excitement like that, we will just have to come more often but prepped with lots of wipes and hand sanitizer!

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