Friday, January 14, 2011

So yesterday I bought Lyla and Cole some new jeans at the consignment shop here.  I was so excited to put them on Lyla since they were some cute flares.  I mean, just look at her little cute little butt!

They looked like a nice fit to me...

But when she tried to crawl or pull her legs under her to sit back down she ended up laying face down on the ground sucking her fingers. I wondered if she felt okay or if the pants were too tight after all. Well, after leaving them on for about and hour I decided to take them off and see what happened. She was being so sad and that just isn't Lyla. As soon as I got them off she scurried across the room, sat up and laughed. Yep. Too tight. Wonder if she will ever want to wear tight jeans as a teen? hmmm...

P.S: Yes that is Lyla standing all by herself. She can do this for a while and squat down to sit from there instead of just falling. Therefore, we know this girl can walk, she just chooses not to.

P.S.S: Isn't she looking CHUNKY! Love my chubsters!

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