Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And here are more videos...

Lyla really does enjoy feeding herself. She gets so excited when it comes to food.

Lyla loves to play with anything Cole has really but she enjoys knocking over blocks, hanging upside down, giving high-five, "touch" (using your pointer to touch someone else's pointer), waiving, standing on her own then falling into your arms, swinging, chattering and smiling.

Cole is very into pretend play right now. He enjoys cooking, eating, dusting, vacuuming and mowing.

He also enjoys
coloring (but mostly asking mom to write everyone's names down),
building towers with blocks (and of course knocking them down),
playing games on the ipod touch (one of his favorites is Tom Cat - a cat you can pet, knock down, give milk to, and more. The best part is the cat will repeat anything you say so he loves to talk to it!),
singing (he sings loud in church),
praying (he now babbles when we are praying a lot of the time),
counting (knows 1 and 2 by sight, 3 is getting there),
pointing out colors (his favorite are green and purple),
singing the alphabet (he gets a letter here and there and is very excited about it),
watching the tractors outside (says backhoe, "truck-door"),
watching the ducks and the goose at the city park,
running around grocery stores while mom keeps calling his name so he will stay within arms reach!
talking on the phone (real or pretend)

He's a great big ball of fun. We love our little man!

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