Friday, January 14, 2011

Lyla is moving along swimmingly in her development. She learned to clap the other day for the first time and I caught it on film.  She would only clap while eating (which is where she first learned it) but now she does it all the time and it's getting louder too.  She loves to do it because everyone gets so excited. 

Her interactions with people are so fun.  She gives hugs, kisses, waves good-bye (sometimes), gives "touch" and high-fives.  We are working on fist bumps which she currently finds funny when we do it so I'm sure it won't be too long before she has got that down. I think the problem there lies in that she doesn't voluntarily make a fist (hence her slack in signing milk too.  That or the fact that her fingers in her mouth with a little whine is enough said, right?). 

Lyla also understands the game of chase.  She will get so animated when Cole crawls towards her and she jumps into my arms so I will take her away while giggling with delight and kicking her legs for all it's worth. Daddy loves to play this game too. 

And finally she has mastered "Peek-a-boo".  Cole never really got into this game but Lyla adores it.  I will find her randomly putting things over her face and head only to drop it and look at me with anticipation.  I love it and so does Cole. He really loves to interact with her more and more each day. Although he is still a little unsure about sharing some of his favorite toys all the time.  There's a two-year old for you!

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