Friday, June 4, 2010

Cole and I like to take short little walks while Lyla takes a morning nap. I usually listen to music via earbuds. Cole never asked me to listen, but I brought one to his ear and his eyes opened wide. He was hooked since then. He now wants to hold one bud while I listen to the other (which makes walking in a stroller quite difficult). I also learned that his "dancing" is squatting as this video shows.

My little boy is growing up so quickly. He likes to get the mail with mom too which he says as "Meh, Meh"! It's his new term to want to get in the stroller too. He loves to hold the mail key and holds it tight until we get back home and hands it back to mommy.

Cole also loves the camera which makes it difficult to get video or pictures anymore. He wants to snap them. He knows what smile means, but these are the looks when you ask him to smile for the camera. Oh Cole! All posterity is going to think you are a sullen little boy when in fact you are a big ball of kicks and giggles!

Cole was playing with Lyla's rattles and toys. She doesn't kick her legs as much as Cole did so feet rattles don't really excite her too much. Cole asked me to put them on his ankles though. He spent the rest of the day with them on, as seen in the video... along with his new fascination with the bumbo seat. He sits in it and tries to slide it around the kitchen floor. He wishes it had wheels so badly!

So our little angel Lyla is in the process of learning to sleep in the crib instead of the bassinet. She just got too big and too strong for it. Turns out she has the same problem Cole had with the crib - he wants to cuddle into a corner. The first two nights she woke up about every 2 hours with her head jammed against the railings. Ugh! So I went ahead and ordered a bumper, but in the mean time I made a makeshift bumper from rolled up blankets. She slept like a rock as soon as I put them in. My little snuggle bug!

Lyla discovered her hands this past weekend and this is usually what she is doing now - staring at them.

She is also very good at pulling and batting at toys above her. Guess that hand-eye coordination is kicking in! Unlike Cole, Lyla LOVES the camera. However, this is her expression when she spots it - wide eyed, deer in headlights.

She is such a delight. I just can't get enough of her smiles and laughs - yes, LAUGHS. This girl seems to be ticklish already too! Sometimes her laugh is a short chuckle and other times a screeching girlie laugh. She is getting so easy to put to sleep, which is about the only time besides being in the car or the stroller that makes her fussy. Yep. What baby doesn't like the car or the stroller!!??!! My Lyla, that's who! I'm making her get used to them though. We take a trip daily. We will see who is more stubborn now!

But look at this darling? Who can stand to see her cry?

Daddy is so cute with Lyla. They matched today! (Again, notice the wide eyed look.)

And I don't know why, but I love this picture.


  1. Your family is absolutely darling! I'm so glad everything is going so well for you. My girls' pulled out my college scrapbook the other day. Oh my - that was interesting to look at. Seems like yesterday, but in another sense so long ago!

  2. Okay, so his moves may not be all that jazzy, but he's still dancing! And Lyla is looking cute as ever. Come back so we can play again!

  3. Rick looks SO handsome in pink! :) Love all the new pics and updates, miss y'all SO SO much!! Kiss those sweeties for me!