Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seriously, I can never think of catchy or interesting titles for my blog entries so I think I'm forgoing them from now on.

Things have been busy here. We made a trip to Austin for Mother's Day and for my niece's blessing. (Ally, 3 days younger than Lyla.) It's so great to be with everyone and I love getting the two girls together. I was ecstatic that Cole warmed up to his Aunt Kylene and Lyla enjoyed her Sunday Sacrament nap with her too!

Since returning I've been trying, trying, trying to get Lyla on a schedule. She was SO CLOSE before going to Austin. She was going to bed between 7 and 9 and naps were getting somewhat predictable in length. This made me so excited because then I can plan outings and get out of the house with Cole, which he loves. Guess she wasn't having any of that because now it's total randomness - even midnight wakings wanting be up 1-2 hours! Ack!! But I'm dealing with it okay because she so SO HAPPY! Seriously, this girl smiles, coos and talks nearly the entire time she is awake and is getting pretty easy to lay down for naps. For some reason it's hard to get her to sleep prior to the first night sleep period. I'm sure that will end soon too.

Lyla is VERY strong. Monday night she rolled from her tummy to her back twice! She's halfway done it since then. I don't think she does it because she enjoys doing perfect yoga cobras. See!

This has put a predicament in our sleeping plans for her. We bought a bassinet mattress for her, instead of just using a pad, so that she might be able to stay in it longer. Well she pops her head up so high that I'm sure in a matter of a couple of weeks she will try to roll OUT of the bassinet. Ugh. Time to by that 2nd crib!

Cole LOVES to play with Lyla. He continually insists on sharing food and toys with her. He really cannot wait for her to grow up. Cole also has a new fascination with watching ANYTHING on the computer. Seriously. He even watched half an episode of "House" with me. (I watch almost all TV shows on the computer from Hulu.) He doesn't even watch more than 15 minutes of anything on the TV! hahaha....

Cole continues to love to play outside and I think both he and my allergies have subsided a little. He loves to watch for airplanes in the sky (a new sign he does) and bugs on the ground. But he doesn't like the bugs. He usually freezes and watches them until they leave his vicinity or asks me to pick him up or hold his hand. I'm glad. I don't want him playing with them. Especially since we have lots of these in our yard...

Apparently they are stinging WORMS. Not caterpillars. Yuck. We also have some not-so-friendly wasps that love our house. Ew. Mom hates bugs too.

Cole is sort of finicky about cleanliness. He likes to get dirty if he's doing it on purpose. Otherwise, he wants me to clean his hands, his feet, his face, etc. Unfortunately, he has started a very gross habit that I am trying desperately to teach him out of...that is A) peeing in the bathtub. (He insists on standing up like daddy and doing it. I'm sure he did it before while sitting, but seeing him stand up, pee and chuckle like it is some victory is something totally different. Um, especially if you're in there with him. Ew.) And B) pooping, yes, POOPING in the bathtub - ON PURPOSE. It seems he did it on accident once and now thinks at some point bath time turns into poop time because it doesn't matter what time of day we give him the bath, he poops. Double Yuck. Gross. Ugh. Bleh. Barf. Obviously, getting mad at him doesn't work. Sorry to share this grossness, but someone has to share my pain, right? That's what blogging is for, yea? I'm sure this phase will pass quickly - we are just working on transferring that "okay, let's pee and poop" thought process from the TUB to the TOILET. Wish us luck. And any suggestions are welcome.

Onto better topics. . . my adorable children with their daddy. Aww...

Rick picked us up Smoothies after his workout (hence the sweaty daddy) and Cole slurped daddy's right up. It was questionable since it was made with milk but our allergy-prone baby didn't get sick! Is this a sign that his whey/milk allergy is alleviating?

And just look at our little Buddha-baby!

Cole loves, loves, LOVES his daddy. If he hears a car, he does the sign for dad or says "Daah!?" I hate saying no to that or telling him dad isn't going to be home today. This morning dad ran out after laying Cole next to me in bed with his milk. After finishing his milk, Cole SOBBED and I mean SOBBED with his hand on his forehead doing the sign for "dad". It broke my heart. Finally, he calmed down, snuggled next to me, and fell asleep for another 45 minutes. Ahh, Heaven.

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  1. Lyla is seriously so strong! She'll probably crawl early in order to keep up with Cole! Cole's hair has grown so much just since the last time you were here. The poop and pee thing is pretty funny (not for you though). I think that takes significant skill to poop as you please. I guess my advice is to ignore it (I know, easier said than done!). You told me that has worked in the past for some of his other behaviors, so maybe it will work this time. Or I guess you could let him try to potty in the potty.