Friday, June 11, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I went to wake Lyla from her evening nap because it had been going on nearly 2 1/2 hours (WAY too long...) and this is what I found.

Let's hear a collective "Awww"! And yes, she sucks her fingers. It looks odd but mommy loves it because she puts herself to sleep most of the time. In fact, she slept 9pm - 7am last night. Here's to hoping this baby stays sleeping!

We then proceeded to enjoy some setting sun light pouring into the room for a photo session. She loved it. (She loves the attention.)

Cole nearly always can't wait to kiss his baby sister when she wakes up.

And again, "awww...".

These are the moments I want to remember forever. Oh, except of course, during this little photo session, Lyla had her first official "blow out". Out the diaper, out the clothes, and yes, out onto this nice WHITE duvet cover. Thank heavens it's washable!


  1. SOOOOO sweet!!!!! You'll remember the blow out fondly someday too :)

  2. Way to go Lyla! You deserve some rest Kristina! I hope you went to bed early too so you could actually enjoy a full night's rest. I love those pictures! I wish I had them a few days ago for the photobook.

  3. i just cant figure out who this little girl looks like! darling though!