Monday, May 3, 2010


Last Tuesday we were honored to have Jefra and Cannon come stay with us. Jefra spent Wednesday through Saturday taking a training to be a car seat technician. We spent those days playing with Cannon and teaching him lots of new things like how to go down the stairs properly,

put the rings on the stacker,

play T-ball,

mow the lawn,

play in the sprinklers

(which he didn't like so much),

chill in the pool,

and watch "Baby Signing Time".

Yep, we love our little Cannon.

He is such a happy little guy to have around!

Cole literally smothered him with hugs and kisses the entire week. By Friday, Cannon would scream and bat at him to get away. Then it seemed Cole did it on purpose just to annoy him. Oh boys!

Lyla is having fewer fussy periods and sleeping longer at night. There was even one night with an eight hour stretch! Yea for mom!

She is smiling so much that I can't stop taking pictures of her. I have a million but here are a few favorites.

Cole and Mom spend so much time outside that we usually come back in with itchy eyes and ears with lots of sneezing. Well, he must have touched something in the field across from our house and then rubbed it all over his face. He broke out in hives in a matter of minutes and his eye was almost swollen shut. He looked like he got beat up. My poor boy!

I gave him Benadryl and taught him not to scratch. He did so well after I showed him what his face was doing. His little hands would reach up to scratch and then he would remember and drop them - mostly by himself but needed some reminders too. The next day he was still a little swollen and started itching and rubbing the next night so I gave him Benadryl again before bed just because I also noticed he scratched the back of his neck so much the night prior that he bled! Needless to say, I am now restricting outdoors time. We still go outside just not all day like we used to.

So Jefra is now an official car seat technician which means we switched Cole back to rear facing. He has been okay with it for now. We'll see how he does the next time we have a long drive to Austin! Thanks Aunt Jefra for making us safe!!!


  1. Poor baby! :^(

    Your family is so cute! I just popped over here from Ree's comments in hopes of seeing some familiar places as I used to live in College Station (my two oldest were born at The Med.) We loved it there.


  2. Aww Poor little Cole!! I am glad he's okay! We've had some hives issues over here lately, too, darn allergies!!!!!!!!!!! Love all the pics, Miss Lyla is just gorgeous! Love you!

  3. The first picture of Lyla should have a caption that says, "Call me, k?!" And the picture of Cole's hives look worse than in person! Thanks again for watching little man and posting all the fun pictures!