Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture Post

Cole at the Park - we played with Robert, Beverly and their kids on Saturday. Cole had the best time ever. He loves playing with big kids. Jade is a little mother to him. I love watch them all interact.

Lyla chilling in between naps.

Lyla was sitting in the corner of the couch propped up by the side and a blanket in front. Cole was standing in front of her so she kept trying to lean towards I let her and this is where she landed.

Aunt Kylene and our Princess Lyla

Cole has decided this is his seat too...He loves to sit in the bouncy seat and turn on the vibrations.


  1. I loved seeing you guys this week! I'm sad we weren't able to see each other on Monday although, we were crazy busy! I love how the picture of Lyla and I turned out so great!

  2. I'm sorry we weren't able to see you this time. But I'm excited to play in a couple weeks!