Sunday, April 25, 2010

Video Overload

So I finally was able to grab Rick's iPhone from him to download all the pictures and video he has accumulated so I could share it with the world. Since a lot of it is old I will just move on but here are some recent videos of Dad's time with Cole.

At the park swinging: I asked Rick why he was screeching at Cole like that. His response, "Because it made him laugh!" Oh. Good answer.

At Gatti's playland on the Carousel. Cole just looks totally bewildered on this ride like "what is going on?" It just makes me laugh.

Saying Lyla. Sometimes he actually says it and other times it's "lalala" and others just the "L" sound rolling his tongue along his teeth. He knows we think the latter is funny so he I think he does that one just to make us smile.

Cole's first sign was "more" and now he is saying it but leaves off the hard "R" sound so it ends up sounding so cute. I have some video to upload from my camera and then I'll post that one along with him smothering Lyla with love.

Today he realized he could actually say "Ball" and so has been saying it quite a bit today. He also can say "Peas" (he loves them).

His new favorite past time is looking at my family picture taken when I was pregnant with him and pointing to all the people. If he can say their name, he tries. He is pretty good at me saying the name and he will point to the correct person. Oddly enough, though he hasn't really warmed up to my sister, Kylene, 99% of the time he points to her right after "Papa" and he even says "Ka". How's that Ky?!?! He is trying to say "Jade" and usually can pinpoint her right away too - no surprise there. They adore each other. But his all time favorite is "papa". When he wants to play with the picture he points to the piano it's sitting on and says "papa".

More Pics from Rick's iPhone:

Cole and Daddy at Chick-fil-A while Mommy is in the hospital with Lyla. (Post edit: this is NOT Chick-fil-A but Gattiland - I used the wrong pic. Oh well!)

Daddy and Lyla a few days old. Amazing how quickly they grow!

Cole loves to be outside. I'm glad that most days are sunny and beautiful here so we don't have to have the battle of why he can't go outside. I'm also grateful for a fenced in backyard but wouldn't you know it, he prefers the front (I'm sure because there is A LOT to explore).

Here he is pushing his mower around. This mower turns into a vacuum inside the house. He drags this thing everywhere!

Yep, he's playing the cool card here.

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