Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Big Little Boy

So Cole's hair got ridiculously long. He last got it cut right before Christmas. It wouldn't look bad after a day or two of laying on it but it began to bother me because it would always look messy and crazy at church (after his bath and nap). So Rick took him to get his hair cut yesterday. When he came back my little baby boy was no longer a baby. Don't get me wrong - I love the clean, short cut but now he REALLY looks like a toddler instead of my little baby. He's maturing leaps and bounds everyday so I guess the haircut fits. (By the way, Cole hates his hair cut and with dad it was no different. Rick said it was very traumatic. He just squeezed his hands together and endured it after Rick said he would take a bath with him once they were done - Cole's favorite thing to do with Dad.) So now this is his new bedhead instead of the Einstein-do he used to wake up with...

And an outing with dad wouldn't be complete without dad buying him a gift. He got him a baby set of golf clubs - just 2 plastic ones that come in a case with three balls you can hit into the putting green inside the bag. I didn't think Cole would get it or like it but BOY was I wrong! This morning he used one of the clubs as his vacuum and then went and swept the kitchen floor with it. Maybe we should get him some real cleaning tools and he can help out with chores! But this is him with his clubs last night. (By the way, we painted the guest bedroom yesterday and my comments are regarding the touch ups needed. And don't worry - I just taped, Rick painted; though I did paint the entryway...)

Cole has mega hearing too. For example, this morning the TV was on, he was playing with his toys and I was talking to him. Then all the of the sudden his head pops up and he starts signing bird. Yep - a bird had begun to very faintly chirp outside at that moment. I don't know how he heard it. He had to have been listening for it - or he can hear the TV, mom and the bird all at once.

Cole definitely has favorite videos (Baby Signing Times) and now wants them on 24-7. This is how I found him the other day.

Why is he in here like this? Because he couldn't get the left door open and his signing dvds are on that side...

And boy does he get upset when I say he's had enough TV for one day! He does eat better while watching them though, and it is very hard to get him to eat well.

Here is another fun video of Cole...this is him on Sunday night playing with Daddy. As you can tell, he loves playing chase and carrying his blankie.

And finally, no baby yet. I go to the doctor again on Thursday and I'll update you then. Lyla is at least 6 pounds though so there won't be any inducing unless I want it (but I don't - though ask me again if she's still here this time next week).


  1. Oh my, how I love that little boy, with or without long hair. I remember when I took Cole's Daddy for his first haircut. It was at a little barber shop in downtown Mogadore, Ohio. Kristina, I have pictures of that day !!!! Rick was so cute with all his blond curls and it just broke my heart to have them cut off, especially since I am fond of long hair. Rick, like Cole was cute with or without the long hair. I love you guys and I can't wait to see you at the end of March.

  2. He looks ready to be a big brother!! SO cute!! Those pics and videos are great. I miss him, I miss you!! Please call or text me when you go into labor!!! I am dying for news, and to make a trip to see you!! Corrinna got mad at me yesterday when her tv time was over, she said "But I am still hungry for tv!" LOL!

  3. His hair is soooo cute! I can't wait to see it in person. He's not allowed to grow up anymore!