Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lyla Update and Cole Videos

So I went to the doctor yesterday. It was the first time meeting my doctor here in College Station. I was there a little over 2 hours as he ran a series of tests to check the health of the baby. It took so long because she wouldn't wake up to fetal breath and without that he could only be sure the baby was okay to stay in the womb 24 hours more instead of 4-5 days. So he ended up doing a non-stress test to be sure she wasn't under undo stress in the womb. Everything ended up fine, as I knew it would be but for a doctor just seeing me he wanted to check everything. I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow so they can check her weight. The doctor thinks that if she is small I might have a body that just inhibits growth within the uterus after a certain size. So if she is less than the 10th percentile he will induce either on or before my due date, otherwise we will just wait for when she wants to come. I am 2cm dilated and 50% effaced which means I could be like that for weeks or she could come tonight, you just never know.

In other news, Cole is just the cutest thing on the planet. He cracks me up every day. He makes these super silly faces and fake laughs to get me to smile. Today he went on one side of his crib and looked through the bars at me on the other end then would walk around and fake laugh while bobbing his head. He thought he was a riot. He is starting to get interested in animals and their sounds and he is still addicted to Baby Signing Time. He signed "bird" today for the first time.

Here are some videos of Cole being Cole. He loves to drag things around now and his favorites, besides his blankets, are things that are not his toys but items he finds around the house.

He is SUPER speedy going down the stairs which is funny to watch...this isn't his fasted decent but still cute. :-)

And Cole loves to climb up anything...

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  1. Okay, when did he decide to get so big! He's a toddler! Cannon liked watching all the videos. I can't wait to see you guys soon!