Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Signing & More

Cole Update:
He has been busy growing up on us since moving as well. (yep, it's only been like a week and half but he really has learned so much!) He is a walking pro - though I think his head cold threw off his balance.

For those that don't know, we have been watching "Baby Signing Time" with Cole since he was about 6 months but he didn't start signing really for a long time. These are all the signs I can think of that he knows (and I LOVE it because he usually can tell me exactly what he wants. Before he used to know the signs but didn't use them a whole lot, but since being here he is really starting to communicate using them more and pays more attention to the videos when we watch them. He likes to show me he can do them when we watch them too.

Cracker (NEW! And he LOVES Goldfish crackers now too.)
Fish (NEW! Aunt Barbara has a fish on her kitchen counter and he will do the sign when seeing the Goldfish box too.)
More (but he never says what he wants more of sadly)
Socks (not a pro at it but can do it)
Bath (still loves his baths and wants to get in one every time he sees the tub)
Brush Teeth
Wash Hands

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are others but I can't recall.

Cole is a pro at copying Dad. If dad is eating something, Cole wants to eat it, or at least try it. Like tonight - Rick was making pizza and was eating pepperoni so Cole wanted some. He put it in his mouth and decided it was not good. But after seeing dad eat another, he tried it again, but resolved in the end to just play with the bag rather than eat it. We have all been suffering through colds here and Rick has a lot of drainage that goes down his throat which he will spit out. He took Cole to the park today and Cole watched dad cough and cough and then spit, so Rick said Cole then tried to cough and spit. Oh great! That's not a habit I hope he picks up quickly!

Cole still doesn't really say any words but he makes lots of sounds - clicks his tongue, "doo doo doo", "mom mom mom" (he learned this from Rick when he calls me - this is as close to him talking as he gets. He does know how to call for me since Rick taught it to him.)

Cole and I have really, REALLY enjoyed having dad around more often now and after a Sunday and Monday with Rick here, I am in heaven. Cole still thinks dad's going to leave at any minute and is super clingy. That will settle in a couple of weeks hopefully, but by then he might be clingy just because little Lyla will be arriving.

Another funny incident that happened today - Rick picked me to up crack my back. Cole watched him do it and got the most discriminating look on his face. It was such a worried, concerned and frustrated look that Rick and I just laughed at him which made his face get more stern and then he got upset at us for laughing at him. Oh he just cracks me up!

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  1. So I was looking at the baby thing on the sidebar and I was wondering how in the world you got to 38 weeks so fast! But I guess you are really about 37, but still! I can't believe that February is here already! We miss you guys tons, even though I just saw you on Tuesday. It was sad when you weren't there on Sunday and Cannon didn't have Cole to play with. But you can count on us to be there when Lyla is born!