Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving Stress!

Today we finally got internet hooked up so here's the monstrous update...Ugh, moving is so not fun...I'll get into that in a minute, but first I'd thought I'd update everyone on baby Lyla.

First of all, my dear friends gave me a baby shower/going away party last Tuesday that was SO much fun but so weird thinking I wouldn't see them as often anymore. It was so fun getting cute girlie baby clothes. I hadn't really had a minute to think about our little baby girl coming so it was fun to stop thinking about all the moving and house closing shenanigans and just enjoy being with friends and get ready for our new little one. You can see pics of the event on the Davila blog. :-) Thanks Christina!

I went to the doctor in College Station on Thursday. The doctor here is very conservative and was concerned that Cole was only 5lbs8oz at birth even though he was almost 3 weeks early. They want me to get another ultrasound to measure how big Lyla is but by feeling alone they are guessing she is already 6-6.5 lbs. I don't really see how that is going to make a difference at this stage but mostly they want to make sure everything is okay since I'm coming to their practice with only 4 weeks left (3 now). And besides, I'm not going to say no to an opportunity to see my baby girl! With Cole I had a feeling for weeks that he was wanting to come early. I don't really get that feeling with Lyla, but you never know. But this brings us an opportunity to vote on babies size and birthdate! Vote now before it's too late! (The official due date from docs is Feb 22nd (not 16th like sidebar denotes.)

Well, onto the moving...The movers came and packed us up on Thursday, January 21st which took about 4 hours and then Friday morning they loaded up the moving truck and we drove to College Station. Our Aunt and Uncle in College Station were so awesome to take Cole for us most of the time Friday and Saturday. It really helped to get things unpacked and settled in the home. We went back to Cedar Park on Sunday for church as well as a work conference Rick had through Tuesday afternoon. I was able to join Rick for his dinners Sunday and Monday night which were at Austin Country Club and the UT Golf Club respectively. Those are always fun.

Originally, we were going to sign closing papers on Tuesday or we were to stay through Wednesday to close. Well, we ended up leaving for College Station that Tuesday night as the closing on the sale of our home in Cedar Park got delayed (it's now set for this Friday, February 5th). It was delayed because the buyers are foreign nationals and they needed some special appraisal that apparently no one was aware of. I was SOOOO mad. I don't usually get angry, but I was fuming really. How could we get everything ready to close on the house in College Station in about 8 business days and they had 60 days and couldn't get it done? I just wanted all of this behind me. I was so nervous as to how the sellers of the home in College Station were going to react to hearing we would have to move our closing back because of this as well. It was just not what I needed to hear at all. But wait, it gets worse...

Monday, while back in College Station, I get a phone call from the appraiser saying the bank canceled the order. I called my dad and found out the bank the buyers were going through were now asking for $20,000 MORE to close. They were already putting down $35k so this made NO SENSE to either of us...and so near to the closing date to find this out? It was just weird. But because the buyers didn't have it they were going to have to back out of the sale of our home. Needless to say, everyone was mad. BUT - silver lining - Turns out this bank (Oasis) is the only bank in Texas who will lend to foreign nationals and basically was just seeing how much they could get out of them because they ended up negotiating down to $5k more. What??!!?? Since when do banks negotiate for a mortgage? But at least the deal is still going through and should all be done by this Friday, Feb 5th - but keep your fingers crossed just in case!

On a brighter note, we are unpacked and starting to feel like we aren't in some foreign place. Cole is loving the staircase and zips down them. I've got to get this on video for everyone. But, sorry to say, I haven't really taken any pictures lately with all the things to do in the home, it's just been the last thing I've thought of - hence this SUPER long post and no pics. Sorry!

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