Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holidays and Updates

The past few months Rick has been taking pictures and video with his iPhone. I haven't been able to get them easily since Rick is working in College Station. For the holidays, we traveled to North Carolina to visit Rick's family. We've all been a little sick but it hasn't stopped us from having a relaxing visit and it is so fun to watch Cole with his Grandma and Grandpa Solotes and his young Aunts. I thought I would take advantage of the time with Rick's iPhone and update the blog with some fun pics and video.

Here he is in his raccoon hat and his cup of milk.

And on the slide at the park

Grandpa Poling came to visit before Christmas. We were so happy that Cole warmed up to him very quickly.

Cole playing at Daddy's desk

Cole and Grandpa Solotes

Cute pics of Cole and Daddy


This is Cole and Cannon "playing" while we were babysitting for Ryan and Jefra. Cole was being pretty possessive with his toys and attempted to push Cannon away twice. What is so funny to us is he is trying to play AND watch his Baby Signing Time Video. He is a man of many talents!

Rick has a new administrative assistant at Miramont, we don't think he will last long though and he may be needing a new keyboard soon.

Cole is starting to push things to walk and he loves pushing this ottoman that is in the room Rick is staying in at one of the suites at Miramont. (And you can see I'm very pregnant.)

Cole loves the playground. He loves the swings - especially if you stand close where his feet will hit you and he likes to go down the slide but also tries to climb up it. He gets very upset if you don't let him crawl around in the wood chips or small rocks depending on which park we go to. He prefers the rocks and throws them up onto the slide and always attempts to put them in his mouth but gives mom a look before doing so, then slowly drops them as I shake my head no. What a character!

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  1. I love the video of the boys, so hilarious! Cannon will get him back, as soon as he can start moving! And I LOVE that picture of Rick and Cole on the dock. That's one to print out and frame.