Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in North Carolina

Here are a few more pictures of our Christmas in North Carolina.

Well, this isn't Christmas but we did put in Cole's new car seat in our car so we could put his infant car seat in the carseat bag already packed for the airport. Cole enjoyed riding in his new car seat but I didn't like it so much because I couldn't readily see him or get to him as easy as I can in his infant car seat. It will be easier when we switch it forward facing. But this picture is of Cole after we opened his new car seat and had it sitting in our living room. He loved to sit and play in it for days until we finally put it in the garage.

Even though Cole, Rick and I all came down with colds while visiting it still was a very relaxing trip. Grandma and Grandpa Solotes totally took over the care of Cole so really Rick and I chilled most of the time and I was able to get some much needed rest with some long naps. We loved seeing North Carolina and enjoying some quality time together. As always, our time together is always cut way too short. However, we were even able to see Rick's dad and brother Jim as they were traveling on their way to Ohio after the holidays. This was the first time Jim and Cole met. Here are the Poling Men!

Cole wasn't in the spirit to open up gifts Christmas morning (a little cranky and tired) but he did open a couple up Christmas Eve - his red Christmas sweater and black pea coat from Grandma and Grandpa. He wore them both to the Christmas devotional that evening. At the devotional they had a real manger scene as well as animals, music, fake snow, and roasted marshmallows. Cole had his first marshmallow and loved it!

Cole warmed up to Grandma, Grandpa and his aunts really quickly even though he didn't feel well most of the time. It was a combination of teething and a cold. Poor guy! Here he is with his runny nose right after a bath.

And on our last evening there eating Daddy's spaghetti and making a mess. Doesn't he look proud of himself?

With Grandma Solotes

With Grandpa Solotes in his racing pj's (which I love).

And finally with Rick and his Aunts Natalie, Kaitlyn and Jillian

Hope everyone had a Christmas as enjoyable as we did!

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