Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy Time of Year

Sorry! I know it's been over a month since my last post. Things have been crazy here with selling the house, searching for a house, Christmas, etc. Rick has got the cutest pictures and video on his iphone that I need to get and post because I have not taken any pictures of late. I will try to do that over the Christmas break because you will LOVE them. :-) In the meantime, my sister-in-law Jefra posted about Cole and Cannon with pictures when she babysat for us so I could spend the day in College Station home shopping. You can see it here: Rees Family. One pic is of Cole with makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Well, our home is sold and it only took about a month! Yea! We don't close until January 27th though. So we scurried to go home shopping in College Station before we left for North Carolina to visit Rick's family for Christmas the 23rd. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to shop until January. It's been an exhausting few days but we found a house we love and hopefully the seller accepts our offer. We'll know tomorrow hopefully. It will be so nice to have that done so we can just enjoy the holiday without that worry.

One cute anecdote...last night we stayed in College Station with Rick. Well, Rick had forgotten to ask housekeeping to bring the Pack N'Play up for Cole and he couldn't find it so he was just going to have him sleep in our bed. He was actually a little excited because he has wanted to snuggle and sleep with Cole for a little while now and I wouldn't let him because I can't sleep with Cole next to me. So Rick kept him on his side and I'm sure he dozed off dreamily snuggling with his son (which I'm sure he loved - I get to do it so much with Cole for his naps - I'm so lucky!) Anyway, Cole started fussing about 4:30AM and it was on and off until about 6:45AM when I got up and fed him. So it was unsteady sleeping for me from 4:30 on but Rick was SO TIRED and said how very little sleep he got all night because Cole would continually roll right next to him and snuggle into his side which pushed Rick right up to the edge of the bed. I just chuckled and said "I told you so! I tried to tell you that you would not enjoy sleeping all night with the little snuggler!" When I nap with Cole, if I move away from him, he will roll to find me and snuggle in. This is totally fine for a nap in my opinion but not so great all night long! Guess dad won't be trying that move again. However, after waking up Cole was in GREAT spirits. I'm sure he was thrilled to have been with mommy and daddy all night.


  1. Congrats on selling so soon & on finding a home you like there.... I hope they accept your offer.... we'll miss you in the ward, but I know it's the right move for you (according to you guys).

  2. So sweet! What a cute Daddy!

    Let me know what I can do to help you get ready for your move once you get back from Christmas! And Merry Christmas! Love you!