Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bubble Baths in Jetted Tubs

Cole and I went up to College Station and stayed at the Miramont with Rick this weekend. It was fun meeting Rick's co-workers and touring the facilities. It was like walking through the most expensive place I could imagine. This guy spared no expense in building this country club - blown marble walls, marble inlays in the wood floors, fancy fancy furniture, lighting exactly designed to accentuate every wall hanging and pillar. Amazing. Rick has been staying in one of the 15 rooms they have available there (yea, tough life). Sunday night Rick and Cole jumped in the jetted tub for a bubble bath. With the jets, it created quite the bubble experience! Cole loved it. They both looked like Santa Claus with bubble beards. Cole kept eating the bubbles too. I think they stayed in for a half hour and even then Cole didn't want to get out. You can see just how happy he is. They even took a second on Monday morning. Silly boys. Cole just laid back and relaxed during the second one. He is definitely like his daddy. I get bored sitting in a tub after about 5 minutes.

We also took the opportunity to look at neighborhoods around the club and further south in College Station near my aunt and uncle. Rick, my dad and Uncle Lynn went golfing at the club on Monday as well since it's closed to members on Mondays.

Cole doesn't really do well sleeping anywhere but his own room so that wasn't the funnest. He does better if I lay with him on the bed, but I can't move him else he wakes up and won't calm back down. So we ended up just leaving him on the bed and rushing in to get him when he wakes so he doesn't crawl or fall off the bed. He will go in the pack n'play for nighttime sleep with struggles, but I think if I want him to nap at all it will always have to be on a bed with me beside him until I can sneak off. He was so happy to be home Monday night. All day Tuesday he was giddy and silly playing with his toys and roaming around the house - like he had been gone for SO long. Oh how I love my silly boy!

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