Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Yes, it's been birthday time for the Poling family. All of our birthdays are in October so we got together with family Monday night mainly to celebrate Cole's 1st Birthday. I seriously can't believe he is a year old already. Rick had to work on his actual birthday, the 20th, so we opened all his gifts on Monday too.

Cole wasn't really interested in opening them but was a little interested in the ribbons and throwing around the clothes once they were out. This little man loves clothes. Every time he sees an open closet he must go touch the clothes. He is the same way while shopping. He must touch and pull all the clothes off the hangers. I think it's hilarious. Anyway, Cole was definitely spoiled by his grandparents, as he should be! :-) He has had a great time discovering his new things like this rocking horse and walker!

He ate a HUGE dinner. Seriously, more than I've seen him eat in a long time. It must have been the meatballs. He's never had them before and he devoured like 3 of them! When it was cake time he wasn't too keen on having a hat on.

But calmed down so we could light the cake. He didn't know what to make of all this. We were going to just let him dive in, but then cut him a piece. Cole is going to be a neat freak I swear. He is always shaking his hands if he gets food on them and didn't mean too. He also points to the food that dropped on his leg or foot or floor or where ever so I wasn't really expecting him to "dive in" to the cake and he didn't.

He was very timid about it like he is with most new things. But I gave him some and he liked it. He just didn't want very much on account of having filled up on real food. (yea!)

Overall it was a fun celebration for the family. As you can see Cole continues to crinkle his nose...

And he is now officially drinking milk. He chugged an entire glass TWICE today. He didn't stop until it was gone. His eyes were turning red, he would breath through his nose and keep drinking. I was ecstatic! I don't want problems with not getting enough calcium so this comes as a great relief. The trick? He likes it after sitting out about an hour. He doesn't really drink it cold or hot, just sort of cool. Crazy. He definitely likes meatballs. I gave him more on Tuesday and he chowed down. He loves salmon too though we aren't a fan of his fish breath afterward. It's worth it for the nutrition though. He is just growing up so quickly. He doesn't army crawl anymore. I haven't seen him do it for weeks. He also doesn't nurse at all. It's been a little over a week for that too. He doesn't even act like he wants any. But I get plenty of cuddles, probably more than when he was nursing. He has really become a snugglebug when he gets tired and I love it!

Thanks Jefra for the additional photos! Luvs to all!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!! Birthday time at our house, too, October is the best!! :) Love ya! Christina

  2. So fun! This is the time of year(during the slew of birthdays and holidays) that I start really missing everyone. Cole is looking huge too!