Thursday, October 15, 2009

Videos and more

So life continues...Cole is getting to be the pickiest eater ever. So we've had a few days of struggle. When he throws the food he doesn't want on the floor or whines about it I take him out of the highchair. He cries and throws a fit. We start the process again. It's getting better. Thank heavens! His favorite is hotdogs and rice cereal, though he loves oatmeal, peaches, bananas and sweet potatoes but is finicky about when he wants to eat them. I try to get him to eat other things like more vegetables. He is so strong-willed which I love and hate. I know this is just a phase. Besides, he has had a runny nose and more icky teething days so he's probably like his mom and pop and wants comfort foods. Poor guy.

This is Cole's new favorite expression. Uncle Robert just loves it. I think it's cute but it is usually accompanied by a high pitched whine which doesn't thrill me after a while.

His favorite form of entertainment - pulling out dvds, turning the dvd player on and watching TV like this.

Him watching Baby Signing Time ....he cracks me up when he does this!

Sunday we tried on the suit Aunt Jefra bought for him at my shower. It fit! Unfortunately he had a cold so wasn't in the mood for good photos. This is the best I could do. Still adorable!

I have gotten some cute videos of him lately doing some of his favorite things like riding in the laundry basket and driving cars. The last one is him mimicking Rick licking his lips. It was so funny. He kept doing it too. I love those moments!


  1. The videos and pictures are so cute. As for the picky eater, I seriously think Ada has him beat. She eats only three things. The rest she looks at and throws it on the floor. Like you I am waiting for the "phase" to end. Good luck with it.

  2. I like the car video. I kept waiting for him to hit the horn and surprise himself!

  3. I love that face!! I was cracking up when I saw it!

  4. Oh my gosh!! Isn't this a super fun age?? He's way too cute!! LOVE him in the suit...what a little heartbreaker!!!! hugs!!