Friday, October 23, 2009

Cole's 1-Year Check-Up

Well, we went to the doctor today for Cole's 1-year checkup and all is well. His growth has increased like it should so she was pleased with that. Here are the stats, percentiles are estimates:

Length: 29.5 inches / 40% percentile
Weight: 19 lbs 10 ounces / 10%
Head: 46 cm / 40%

He still gets little red dots on his belly which are caused by allergies but there were three others that don't fade when you touch them. They are little blood vessels that burst. She said this could be a hereditary thing from me because I bruise easily, but if more show up he needs to have his blood platelet levels checked. The burst vessels can be caused from the way I hold him or even his car seat straps, etc. It apparently doesn't take much just like it doesn't take much for me to bruise.

Also, because he doesn't drink a lot of milk regularly (soy though, he's REALLY allergic to cow milk products), I need to make sure I feed him salmon (good thing he loves it), broccoli, or even try veggie patties with tofu. I'm going to try to find some soy yogurt too which will help him get the calcium as well. The problem with him drinking the soy milk is it doesn't come with as much Vitamin D I guess as regular milk which prevents absorption of the calcium. I didn't realize that they didn't add it. I'll have to check the labels and be sure before I start feeding him those awful tasting baby vitamins. They are so stinky and make his breath smell all day long. Ew.

He had a short morning nap today which meant we went to the doctor right when he was ready for another nap. Ugh. He SCREAMED bloody murder just taking his clothes off to get weighed. I have a feeling he also remembered the place from the week prior getting his flu shot because any instrument against his skin made him cry out and grab me like they were pinching him. Holding him down for the shots was awful. He didn't even want to lay down to get measured so you can imagine what it was like getting him to lie down for shots! We opted to wait until the 15 month visit to get his MMR that way he only had 3 shots this time and will have 3 shots next time. I asked a lot of questions about the MMR vaccine and the possible connections to Autism. He's going to get the shot for sure, especially since there was a measles outbreak in Houston just last year, but I wanted to wait a little bit. We have to take him back in about 4 weeks for a second round of the flu vaccine anyway since it takes two doses the first time you get it.

Cole also grinds his teeth. A LOT! Doc said that it's actually hereditary and that me or Rick must grind. I've already caught Rick doing it in his sleep before so we're blaming this one on Daddy. I hope he stops it soon because it is the WORST sound!

Overall baby is healthy and on track!


  1. He's still taller than Cannon! I didn't know that about soy milk either. I just assumed they added the vit D like other milks do. Where did you find those growth charts? I like them!

  2. way to grow, Cole! :) Funny about the teeth grinding- Corrinna has been doing that a lot lately!! Drives me nuts! Hmmm have to blame that on the Daddy here, too, I don't do that. Sorry he wasn't happy about his appt :( But sounds like you got lots of good info and a great report! HUGS! Christina