Sunday, July 26, 2009

Food, Faces and Races

Days go by and it seems Cole does something more advanced or new everyday. The other day he seemed so bored. His favorite toys are the musical ones so I put his bumbo seat on the piano bench and let him "play" the piano for a bit. He was content there about 20 minutes without me having to be there either! I loved it and he did too. No banging was involved either as he played nice!

Cole really is not taking well to 3rd foods. Actually, he just doesn't like any foods with meat in them unless it's Applesauce & Chicken which basically tastes like applesauce. So is my son telling me he's a vegetarian??? The doctor says it can take up to 10 exposures to a new flavor before he may accept it. At this point, I'm not sure if it's the meat flavor or the bits of food in the 3rd stage foods. So I'll have to backstep. But I needed to share his reaction when he is barely tolerating something in his mouth. Sometimes it's a food he doesn't like and he eventually keeps his lips closed and won't open them or sometimes it's just when he's nearing completion for eating.

Yep, no great winces, just wrinkled nose and heavy breathing! I think it's hilarious!!

Last week Cole officially had pizza. Well, at least the crust. He LOVES it. Now when he sees pizza he knows exactly what it is and WANTS it. Here he is Friday night enjoying his crust.

And finally, Cole is getting quicker at the scooting/army crawling. It's almost a froggy hop sometimes. He loves to race to dad best. This was taken Sunday morning before church. Enjoy!


  1. Ella hates all the stage 3 food, too! AND she won't even open her mouth after 1 bite of baby food with meat in it...i feel you! I'm glad you mentioned what your doc said about 10 exposures. That's good to know! Love ya!

  2. That's hillarious! Cole and the spoon reminds me of two magnets repelling each other. We thought Cade was going to be a vegetarian for awhile, but he eventually grew out of it.

  3. Daddy tricked him! He's getting so good at crawling now! I loved seeing him yesterday too! His noises are so cute! He's seriously not a very dramatic boy which makes things nice for you!

  4. Emmalee hated stage 3 foods also and then Ada won't move beyond stage 3. Children are all so different. Good luck with that.
    His crawl is so cute. I love how babies find their own way around.

  5. he is so adorable! Kylene posted pictures from the Family reunion... I noticed Cole's February Tee shirt :) thats so exciting! Im looking forward to a blog post about it and some pictures of you!! :)