Monday, August 10, 2009

Long Time No Post

So what has been going on the past two weeks? In short, packing for a short trip to Utah to attend the Rees Family Reunion, the trip, then the recovery, then the realization that I haven't touched the camera in over two weeks. Eeek! The photos from this post are from two weeks ago when I was attempting to finish doing laundry before heading out. I was moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer and had another basket of clothes to put in the washer. I set Cole down beside the basket while I transferred clothes. It took all of about 1 minute. When I turned around to get Cole again, this is what I found!

I about died. He was so stinking cute! He obviously can pull himself up to standing and then proceed to pull himself into the basket. He thought it was great fun and frankly so did mom.

In other news, as of this past Friday, Cole learned how to stand in his crib. It was pretty funny because the first thing he did was pull the animals down from the mobile, which I then proceeded to remove. However it has taken him three days to realize he can reach the humidifier on a table beside his bed. Personally, I didn't realize he could. So this morning after his morning nap, I found a pool of water on the table and the top pulled off the humidifier. As I was in a rush to leave after getting him from his nap I was a little frustrated, but honestly, more proud that my son had such guts to attempt to pull this thing off the table. I thought his mattress was pretty low already but maybe not.

Our trip to Utah was fun. Cole was such an excellent traveler. He didn't mind the plane at all and in fact, fell asleep on the the way there and back. We were glad to have a nonstop flight though. I'm not sure we, the parents, could have handled a layover and second flight. We flew in on Thursday and went straight to the Reunion at the Lodge at Camelot. He doesn't sleep well outside of his crib so each day he was more and more tired as well. I was grateful that my parents had him in their room. I get so stressed out when he wakes up and cries because he doesn't like the Pack N' Play. I was surprised to hear he actually slept a couple of hours in bed with Grandma and Grandpa though. He doesn't normally like sleeping in beds.

Friday night we headed back to Provo and visited with some friends on Saturday and finally were able to meet up with Jeff and Kylene. I wish we'd been able to stay longer but it really would have been impossible because Cole was wiped. After being there Thursday and Friday, I think Cole had really had enough of being passed around to a ton of strangers. He wouldn't go to anyone but Mom and Dad after that. He kind of stayed that way much of last week too. Thankfully, he accepts Grandma and Grandpa and warms up to his aunts and uncles quickly. I can't say the same for others. We saw one of my favorite people in the entire world that Saturday in Provo, Marilyn Huntsman, and he absolutely would NOT let her hold him. I felt so bad! By the time we got home both baby and momma took a few days to recover on lost sleep and now we're back on track. He did pick up the sniffles though and a little cough.

And because I was a total slacker and didn't take any pictures (and still haven't since the aforementioned shots) here are pics from the Reunion from Kylene. (Thanks Sis for letting me steal!)

Grandpa Rees and Cole

My cutie Grandpa!

and super Grandma!

I don't really know who this is.

But this is my hunky husband and darling baby-daddy.

Chillin' on the Swing

Cole LOVES to swing. We took him for the first time right before we left for Utah. There wasn't a toddler swing at Camelot but he enjoyed swinging with Grandpa just the same.

He loved the tire swing too.

Cole was SOOoooo tired at this point but was still managing (barely) with Aunt Kylene and Uncle Jeff. (Aren't they cute!)

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  1. haha! I feel very flattered that you stole my photos! It's interesting to see which one's you stole. I didn't post all of them either, there were too many!