Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Antonio and Nine Months!

Last weekend Cole and I accompanied Rick to San Antonio to the Westin La Cantera Resort. Rick had to go for a Country Club Managers Association meeting. They have them for the local chapter somewhere in Texas 3 times a year and then a National meeting somewhere once a year. Since the room was paid for it was really just food cost in us going. We loved the hotel and enjoyed our entire weekend. Cole loved being with dad so much (and so did mom) and was really very fun. The nighttime sleep wasn't the best for mom but Cole actually did really well the first night. He awoke only once at 4am. I didn't sleep well because there was a baby in the room next to us who decided to wake up and cry just about every hour of the night...and since I'm still tuned in to babies crying...I was up every hour. Ugh.. The second night Cole was up a few times and was really, really upset. He didn't even want to nurse. After one of his wakings he passed gas and then was SO CALM, so I am just assuming he had gas pains all night, hence the crying and waking. Poor guy!!

While there we went swimming and saw some exotic animals like a hedgehog, bearded dragon, hissing african cockroaches (disgusting), an african constrictor snake (ew), and tropical birds. There were more but Cole was sleepy so we left. This group called Zoomagination brings the animals to the resort. They get them from people who used to own them as pets but then decided they either didn't want them or couldn't care for them adequately. There was so much to do for little kids there. The resort is right down the street from Six Flags so needless to say the resort was filled with families the entire weekend.

Part of the meetings was a dinner at a local country club. The theme was a hawaiian luau. Everyone commented on how well behaved Cole was. He really is SO good, and especially so in public. He is so fascinated by everyone and everything around him that he really doesn't even make a peep!

As I said before, Cole thinks Daddy is all fun (and well, he is). Rick had Cole on the bed and was trying to change his diaper and get him in his PJs. I was brushing my teeth when Rick calls me out to see what our son is doing. As soon as he was naked he started rolling all over the bed and laughing. Of course, I had to get a pic. I'm sure he'll hate me for this later, but he's the one who did it! And if you look close you can see his little tooth which popped up last week.

Cole is officially 9 months old! We had our checkup Tuesday and all is well. He is still only weighs about 18lbs but is now 28 inches long. He's such a little guy and so mellow in his personality so the doctor wasn't surprised that he isn't crawling. He does TRY though. Here's a video for proof... he just get SO upset and only manages to pull himself along the floor. I think I need to let him stay upset until he figures out that I'm not going to save him and he can do it. We'll see.

The doctor did give me some advice on getting him to drink through a straw. I tried it that afternoon and it kind of worked. Then I tried again yesterday evening and viola! Here is the result...drinking formula no less! We may be on the road to some freedom here!


  1. I am glad you had a fun weekend!! Love the videos, Corrinna had me replay them a few times :) I *think* we are finally healthy again over here, so maybe you can swim with us next week? I'll email you! Love, Christina

  2. Cole is getting so big - and still as adorable as ever! It's fun to see your cute family.

  3. He is seriously too cute for his own good! What a great baby! And to answer your question from my blog,of whether of not these were my pictures or the photographers pictures: they're mine.