Friday, June 26, 2009

Pool Day

Cole and I were lucky enough to join some friends at the pool on Thursday. Cole loves the water! Because it's been so hot, there wasn't even a chill to the water temperature for him to get used to. I could have had it a little cooler than it was but I won't complain. I usually hate getting into the pool and adjusting to the cooler temperature. We stayed about an hour and had a great time! Cole was exhausted afterwards and fell asleep like a rock.

Here he is with his cool baby sunglasses (UV 400%). Even with 50SPF sunscreen with titanium dioxide (complete sunblock) my little man still got a bit of a tan on his arms. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't used such a strong block?!


  1. Cannon has those sunglasses. I am waiting for his peanut head to get bigger so he can wear them.

  2. Thanks for coming with us! It was so darn fun! Can't wait for Tuesday to do it again :)