Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daily Activities

Cole really sticks anything in his mouth. Every time he sees me drinking from a straw he wants to put it in his mouth too. He doesn't really know he's supposed to suck on it too. At first I was afraid to let him just play with them, but thus far no incidents and he loves them!

I took video of his nighttime play routine. As soon as I walk into our guest bathroom he throws up the biggest grin. So on evenings when he is a little fussy I'll play with him in here. Well, last night he got in his giddy mode. He just chatters away. This is actually a sign that he is SUPER tired, but I love to see it. As soon as we left and changed his diaper the crankiness began and the whining didn't cease until I laid him in his crib. I'll take giddy baby chatter any day as a sign for being tired over the whining and crying!

During the day Cole and I don't usually watch TV because we have more fun things to do, but if we do decide to turn it on for a change in routine, I have two favorite shows on PBS.

Word World
It is on at 10:30AM here. It is totally not for teeny tots like mine but we both like it. Some children shows really annoy me but this is so creative, the music is catchy and I haven't seen an episode yet with an annoying storyline. They build words and then the word turns into the object. The artistry behind it is so inventive. Cole likes the colors and the songs. I get the "Build a Word" song stuck in my head everyday we watch it.

It's A Big Big World
This isn't as exciting as Word World. It's a mellow little show, kind of hippy-like. It works to help wind down before his nap sometimes. It's on at noon everyday. The show is puppeteering with a green screen backdrop. Again, I like the songs and someday Cole will think it's very educational too.

On Monday, Daddy finally got to go swimming with us. We were at the Lifetime Fitness pool so we couldn't bring any floaties for Cole. It was in the evening and getting a little cooler too so we didn't stay too long but we had a great time!

And finally, our little guy has teeth coming in - It's about time! He hasn't been acting too fussy or anything. I didn't even notice these puppies until Wednesday.

And for the close up...

We'll see how long they last hidden in those gums!

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  1. So cute! He was a doll today! I had to give him back because my kids were wanting to play peek-a-boo and play a "little too loud for church" with him. ha,ha. They love babies!!! He was so good. And, I did get a peek at that new tooth coming in!