Sunday, June 21, 2009

Elvis is Alive!

Saturday was customer appreciation day at my mother's store. They had giveaways and goodies but the coolest part was they had Elvis perform! He was really great. I could have listened to him a lot longer. I am not even a huge Elvis fan! The singer is actually a family friend who does this for a living. So fun!

Cole seemed to enjoy listening and watching him too. Then again, Cole was also extremely distracted by the plant beside him.

Then he saw Grandpa's water bottle and that's all he wanted. He's so funny in that Cole loves to try to do whatever he sees you do. He sees me drink from a straw and he wants to try. He'll put it in his mouth but that's about it. So the same goes for us drinking from any cup or water bottle. I should start drinking from his sippy cup then maybe he'd show more interest!

This is a picture this morning before church. I wet his hair down so it would actually lay flat and then hairsprayed it. I know you can't really see his hair in the pic but he looked so cute chewing on his church shoes!

Today was special because Cannon was blessed today in church. It was beautiful. It's fun to have family come to church with us that normally attend other buildings closer to their home. Cole sat with Uncle Robert and Aunt Beverly most of Sacrament Meeting. He was so patient as Jade and T passed him back and forth and back and forth!

And finally, a special Happy Father's Day to Dads and Granddads out there!

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  1. I love Cole in Elvis' arms! So cute! I still prefer his hair a mess of curls!