Monday, May 18, 2009

Sick Baby

Cole was kind of needy all last week. I just thought it was teething or a new phase where he wanted to be with me every second. I now realize it was him getting sick. Thursday night he woke up very upset about 3 hours after going to bed. I calmed him down but also realized he had a stuffy nose. I cleared it out and then Dad held him for a while and he went back to bed without any problems the rest of the evening. Friday was pretty normal except he wanted to be held or right in front of me. That evening around midnight I felt I should go check on him even though he was still sleeping. He woke up when I opened the bedroom door. I picked him up for a minute and realized he was burning with a fever. I gave him Tylenol and put him back to bed. When he woke up a few hours later he still had the fever and was now coughing and nasally. I put him to sleep in his car seat to prevent his head getting clogged. Rick was out on a Father/Son camp out being "Dad" to some boys from church so I put Cole's carseat on the bed next to me and he held my finger as he fell asleep. I kept the Tylenol up but the fever wasn't relenting. Saturday we went to the doctor and she said it could either be the flu or croup. Only time would tell but the treatment was the same - keep the fever down and use humidifiers. It wasn't until we started Cole on Motrin that the fever went down. His coughing continues and his stuffy nose but he is feeling much better now. This was his first experience being sick and I am so proud of him - he was still smily and happy even through a fever of 101.5 and not being able to breath through his nose.

One remarkable side effect of him being sick is his vocabulary tripled. No longer did his babbles consist of only wobbles from the throat, but real SYLLABLES! Yes, Cole now can say "Dada", "Mama", "Baba", and "Mooooom" (that one is my favorite because he tucks his lips all the way under and says a long drawn out Mom). I am still trying to get them all on video but Colemeister loves to study the camera and stops everything he's doing when he sees it. This video is terrible quality because it's from my cell phone but it was the only thing around at the time!

I'll try to upload more as I get them.

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