Monday, May 11, 2009

Grandpa Visits

Grandpa Poling came for a visit last week. Cole really took to him and I loved the free time to relax! Thanks Grandpa!! Though Cole had a bad teething day on Tuesday before his visit, he was my perfectly content little man again once Grandpa was here.

Cole does really well sitting up, but not so well that he will sit on a hard, cold floor to take pictures for his 6 month shooting. He was not liking it at all so we are delaying the pictures until he's 7 months or so. His "3 month" shots weren't done until he was 4 months either. His confidence in his skills always lag a bit because he was 2 1/2 weeks early too. But he is very quickly growing up before my eyes. He plays with a million toys at once, started sleeping on his side (or tummy - but just once) and babbles more than ever - but mostly when he's tired. I have got to get it on camera because it's rather hilarious to listen to and to see his expressions. Oh, and lest we forget, everything gets chewed. Those teeth need to pop through!

Oh and Happy belated Mother's Day to all those moms out there. The best part of my day? Me going to bed at 7:00PM.

P.S. A new list has been added to the blog - the items Cole now eats. :-)


  1. Ella has that same exersaucer, and she's constantly chewing on that same starfish thing! how funny! she LOVES baby einstein. cole is a cutie patootie!

  2. Miss you Cole, had a great time. Rick and Kristina, I miss you as well. Dad