Monday, May 18, 2009

Cole "Momma"

So at the very end he does a weak "Dada" even though try as I might to try to get him to say it. This was recorded Saturday evening right after his fever started to go down. He still has red-rimmed eyes and was really stuffy. Poor baby!


  1. This is a fantastic video! He is so clear in his speech now! I love that he tucks his lips in and his cheeks puff out! So cute! I hope he feels better, poor baby!

  2. So so cute! I think he's saying, "Put that thing down and pick me up MOMMA!" ha,ha. It's funny how we spend so much time and effort teaching them how to say mom and then now I'd give anything to not hear the word some days. :) I guess it's just much cuter coming out of a baby than whiney 3 and 5 year olds!! he,he.