Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Blessing & 7 Weeks

Almost forgot - Sunday was Cole's baby blessing - being the bad photographer I am I didn't take any pictures! Cole wore his little suit and so many people came to see the blessing. In addition to the immediate family (we miss you Kylene and Jeff!), Grandma and Grandpa Poling were here as well as Uncle Lynn and Aunt Barbara and family from College Station and Rick's Co-worker Serena came. The blessing was absolutely beautiful. Linda kindly took notes during the blessing. I'm so grateful that she did. I was so proud of Cole for not crying!

Yvonne was holding Cole prior to the blessing and was anxious to see if Grandpa Rees would give him up after the blessing. She was so giddy to see Cole being passed down the aisle back to her. It was so cute - I just love to see people excited about our little man. We are all blessed by his presence (even when he is crying inexplicably).

So Cole is 7 weeks now and is mostly progressing in the strength area.
1. He holds his head up about 100% of the time now.
2. He can push into a standing position with just a little help on the balance part.
3. He is SUPER attentive so is very good with focusing on any object with his eyes. He recognizes mommy by sight.
4. That super attention causes him to fight sleep nearly 100% of the time. Poor mommy and daddy.
5. Since birth he has made cooing sounds. They are more often now and more varied.
6. He sure has a good set of lungs on him...(he's demonstrating that right now...gotta go!)

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  1. Congrats, I had no clue you were pregnant or had a blog. Hope all is well. Glad to stumble across you blog.