Monday, December 15, 2008

Ti - RED

This is my very, very tired and RED baby - from the screaming and rubbing around his eyes. This is actually when he woke up - 10 minutes after I laid him down thinking he would make it for a nice long nap!! Not so, the long ones lately are only when I'm holding him or if he is lying next to me. I need to find a pillow or shirt that smells like me to trick the little guy.

We still have trouble getting him to sleep both for naptimes and bedtime. He wants to fall asleep so badly but seems to have trouble getting there. He doesn't even fall asleep while eating usually. He'll still want to suck because he isn't asleep but his little belly is so full he cries and he of course doesn't like to settle for the pacifier either. It takes a while but he finally agrees and goes to sleep. Luckily, for the most part he falls asleep right after his middle of the night feedings.

(Please excuse the pink bassinet sheet - the others were dirty. Hey, I put blue blankets on him! Normally I don't like the loose blankets either but he wasn't bundled and swaddled when I got him to sleep and it is chilly in our house.)

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