Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Memorial

So after getting my camera (which I will never again put in the checked baggage as I learned it will not be covered in the event of a loss) we set off to visit all the Memorials. It was a perfect day - good thing since we did a lot of walking!

Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials

Vietnam War Memorial. The line to see the wall wrapped around the block. So we just settled for a close-up picture.

There were bikers everywhere. They were parading in the morning and motorcycles were parked any place there was land. Most of them were veterans.

There were also memorials everywhere (how weird, huh? on Memorial Day Weekend...haha)- from a concrete square to flowers at the World War II Memorial representing the state where the veteran served. It was such a great time to be in D.C!

We also visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum where we were in a flight simulator. Rick was the pilot and I was the gunner. We spun all around because we just couldn't keep up with the enemy. The simulator isn't for those with weak stomachs! We were so tired of flying sideways or upside down that for a minute we just quit looking for the enemy and flew level just for a breather - we were probably only upside down for a few seconds though!

Overall the day was great but we were exhausted by the end it all.

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